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SI Joint Fusion

Spine Associates offers innovative treatments for low back pain symptoms of sacroiliac joint disorders including minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fixation with the iFuse implant system. Up to 30% of all low back pain is due to a disrupted sacroiliac joint. While SI joint disorders affect both males and females, this is more common in women. The stresses of childbirth during pregnancy predisposes women to a higher percentage of SI Joint disorders that are associated with low back and posterior pelvic pain.



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Spine Associates offers the iFuse Implant System®, a minimally invasive procedure that provides several benefits compared to traditional surgery:

  • Increased accuracy Minimal (1 inch) incision size
  • Immediate post-operative stabilization
  • Potential of a quicker recovery


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It makes sense to seek multiple opinions from specialists when you’re considering a possible spinal operation. Almost all of our patients do exactly that, and in the end, they come to us. There are multiple reasons why, but it is largely about trust. Our reputation has been built upon patient successes and real results, repeated many times over many years. We invite you to read the success stories from our patients to learn about our approach and their outcomes firsthand. Then discuss with your doctor about the best place to receive care.

Michelle's Story - Sacroiliac Joint Fusion