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Yolanda Daigle - Back to Hiking

Patient Spotlight on Yolanda Daigle

ALIF/PLIF Lumbar Fusion


Living with pain had become the norm for Yolanda Daigle who suffered an accident that left her with excruciating neck and back pain.  For over 30 years she saw physician after physician only to get temporary relief.  She “had hurt for so long [that she] didn’t think [she] would ever have a life without pain”.

After years of having debilitating pain and no viable options she met Dr. Richard Francis who decided that the best chance for getting her back to normal would be a 360 spine fusion to correct part of her spine problem.  She was ecstatic that a few months after her surgery and physical therapy she “was able to walk again, virtually without pain”. 

After coming to Spine Associates her life has drastically changed and she stated “I thank God for sending me Dr. Francis who gave me my life back with my family”.  Now at 68 years old she feels better than she did in her 40’s.  Her dream was traveling the United States after retirement but after years in pain she thought it would never happen.  However, after meeting Dr. Francis and choosing to have surgery she was able to go on her dream vacation taking a month to tour 13 states in an RV.  She’s been enjoying traveling, hiking and spending time with her husband.  She is truly back to normal after over 30 years in pain.


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