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Patient Spotlight on Stephanie Crowe


Before Stephanie Crowe had surgery to correct her scoliosis she was the average high school student. She was on her school’s dance team, she hung out with her friends, and felt a sense of insecurity as most adolescents do. Only, Stephanie was living with a severe curvature in her spine that made her apprehensions visible to the naked eye.

 After seeing a few orthopedic surgeons who told her that there was nothing they could do to help her, her and her family decided to see one more doctor in hopes that they could finally get the assistance they needed. That was when they scheduled an appointment and met with Dr. Francis.  Stephanie’s mother said “From the moment we met Dr. Francis, we knew we were in the right place. He genuinely cared about Stephanie, answered ALL of my questions, and spoke to us knowledgeably, with authority in his field.” This was the reassurance her and her family needed.

Soon after meeting with Dr. Francis, Stephanie was scheduled to finally have her much-anticipated surgery. In the moments leading up to it, her family was afraid. They knew how severe things were and that it was the only option, however, they were still struck with fear at the thought of her having such an invasive surgery. It was the morning of surgery and Stephanie and her mother sat waiting for Dr. Francis and his staff to come take her back to the operating room, when “Dr. Francis came to speak to [them] that morning; just his presence put [them] at ease.” It was this kind of care and attentiveness that helped Stephanie and her mother feel comfortable with the surgery and post-op care needed.

In Stephanie’s eyes, “Dr. Francis was unlike any other doctor I met. From the moment he assessed my condition I knew I could trust him. The way he carries himself and is passionate about his practice is why I chose him to be my doctor…” 

The scoliosis spinal fusion helped Stephanie get back to normal teenage activities. “

After recovery, Stephanie is now working part time at a school teaching kindergarteners. “I am beyond satisfied with my procedure. Through spinal fusion, I became myself again.” She is able to run, play and keep up with the children she teaches after not being able to do basic tasks. She still has a passion for dance even though she was unable to rejoin her high school dance team. “My surgery helped me to have confidence and also alleviated my back pain which I had every day before I was operated on. Now almost six months’ post-op I can truly say that everything I went through to get where I am today was so worth it.” Receiving this surgery helped her get Back To Normal.


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