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I had, what I was told at the time, a disc replacement surgery, which was actually a fusion of disc C5-6 back in Nov. 2013 performed by another spine surgeon. This surgery had failed along with the disc C6-7 creating enough pain to force me to have another surgery in December, 2016 with a (Mobi-c) disc replacement on C6-7. After surgery, my symptoms seemed to worsen to the point of being bed ridden. My left arm was paralyzed and my hands on both sides were trembling. I had given up and become depressed, and angry.

My wife kept her love and faith that I could be healed. She wrote to the office here at Spine Associates, explaining in detail of my condition and pretty much grasping for help. The next morning, we were called for a visit. I was still not expecting much as the previous two surgeons were lost and had nothing further for me, so I expected the same here.

My wife and I were blown away at the attentiveness, honesty, and willingness to help that Dr. Francis showed us during this visit. We scheduled for an emergency surgery two weeks later, in which both previous surgery and devices were removed, and replaced with new hardware. I now have a plate, a couple of screws, and a new life. I am now returned to work, active with my family and friends, and have regained mobility and functions to my extremities to the point that I am probably in as good of physical shape at forty than I was at twenty-five! I’m exercising, shooting basketball, and enjoying life again. Dr. Francis was the light at the end of my dark tunnel. Thank you!         

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