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Free MRI and CT Scan Review

Spine Associates offers a comprehensive review of MRI studies or MRI reports to prospective patients at no obligation to the patient. Dr. Francis will review your MRI scan and note each condition, its cause and severity. Dr. Francis’ assistant will contact you to discuss the findings. Dr. Francis is a fellowship-trained, board-certified spine surgeon and has extensive experience treating the spine. Spine Associates offers accurate diagnosis and advanced treatment for a variety of spinal conditions.



Free MRI/CT Review Submission Form



By filling out the MRI Request form you acknowledge and agree:

  • That your personally identifiable health care information can be shared with employees Spine Associates
  • That the MRI review is providing only an informational review of the documents that you are providing.
  • That the information provided by Dr. Francis is not a form of diagnosis. A diagnosis can only be made if you have been physically examined by Dr. Francis

Spine Associates acknowledges and agrees:

Upon receipt of the MRI Submission form it will not share your personally identifiable health care information to third parties without your written consent.

Send your MRI Studies to the address listed below:

Spine Associates
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Attn: Dr. Francis - MRI Review

Phone: (713) 383-7100
Fax: (713) 383-7500

To insure that we can track your MRI Review Submission properly, please be sure to include your name, mailing address and telephone number.