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Adult Scoliosis and Reconstructive Surgery

Spine reconstruction surgery is a specialized form of surgery performed by exclusively trained surgeons who have extensive knowledge of disorders and conditions associated with the spinal column and spinal cord. Over the years spine reconstruction techniques have advanced and presently the techniques involve the use of cutting edge technologies such as robot-assisted spine surgery.

Usually patients with major deformity or misalignment of the spine require complex spinal reconstruction surgery involving correction of the abnormal curvature and stabilizing the newly shaped spine with rods and pins and fusion of vertebrae. Dr. Richard Francis has become one of the true leaders in the scoliosis care and treatment ‐ for women, men, and children. He is also one of the few surgeons in the nation that performs scoliosis revision surgery and reconstructive surgery on children and adults who have had unsuccessful treatment in the past.

The recent addition of Mazor Robotics surgical guidance system is just another example of Dr. Francis’ leadership role in seeking out and adopting advanced technologies that place additional options on the table when deciding on the best course of treatment for each individual patient.

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Scoliosis & Reconstructive surgery with Robotic Guidance



Conservative or Surgical treatment?

3 Scoliosis TypesFor milder cases, physicians may recommend conservative (i.e. nonsurgical) treatment such as physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medication. If the symptoms become debilitating or the pain becomes intolerable despite conservative treatment, surgery to straighten and fuse the spine may become necessary. This is achieved by placing implants, such as screws and rods, in and along the spine to fixate it, and adding bone grafts and specialized spacers between the vertebrae to facilitate the fusion of the bones together.

Advantages of Spinal Reconstructive Surgery with Mazor Robotics

Reconstructive spine surgery requires planning and precision. Osteoporosis, common in adult patients, adds to the challenges of spine surgery. Renaissance® allows Dr. Francis to plan the perfect surgery, taking all the clinical factors into consideration. During the operation, the plan serves as a blueprint for Mazor Robotics Renaissance® to guide him to place the implants with great accuracy. Renaissance® only guides; Dr. Francis is in full control of the surgery itself at all times. Learn more about robotic-assisted spine surgery.


It makes sense to seek multiple opinions from specialists when you’re considering a possible spinal operation. Almost all of our patients do exactly that, and in the end, they come to us. There are multiple reasons why, but it is largely about trust. Our reputation has been built upon patient successes and real results, repeated many times over many years. We invite you to read the success stories from our patients to learn about our approach and their outcomes firsthand.

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