Spine Associates - Back to Normal


Kelsey Brandon – Buna, TX 
First, My story starts at my diagnosis. I was in 5th grade when I was told that I had scoliosis and I was given an orthopedic brace to wear. Skip ahead two and a half years and I am scheduled for a spinal fusion surgery to correct my scoliosis. As a person with an irrational fear of pain, I was terrified! Dr. Francis made the process easy and not so scary. The safety and well-being of the patient at hand is always his main priority. Since my surgery, my physical health has improved greatly and I am able to play volleyball and tennis.

James Cheatham – Missouri City, TX 
I had 6 discs in my neck that were damaged – dic herniations and stenosis. Dr. Francis and I discussed which 2 discs would be best to operate on. Prior to my neck surgery, I could not sleep, enjoy work, golf, fish throw a ball, or even ride in a car without significant pain. Post surgery, I can do all of these things and truly enjoy a normal life (which I thought was impossible). I felt better straight out of surgery. I feel like I have been given years back to me and I am able to ENJOY life again. Dr. Francis did everything he said he would, and EVERYTHING is as successful as he said it would be!

My daily life has become exceptional compared to my life before surgery. I am able to golf, fish, and work around the house. Pretty much anything I want! I have seen other spine surgeons, and what sets Dr. Francis apart is that he is very responsive, timely, and open-minded. He did not push one particular treatment. He worked at finding the treatment that was right for my condition. I would absolutely recommend Spine Associates, Everyone was professional, honest, and caring. Everything I could have hoped for. 

Andys Hernandez – Channelview, TX 
My back pain started suddenly while I was walking and I had to be transported in an ambulance because my pain was so intense. I thought it was a muscle spasm, but the pain got worse instead of getting better. My pain would wake me up at night and I could barely pick up my daughter who was 6 months old at the time. I decided to see my family doctor and he recommended Spine Associates. Dr. Francis saw me on a Saturday and found that I had a large herniated disc in my low back and due to the size of the disc and the severe weakness in my leg, he recommended surgery to remove the disc that was pressing on my nerves. The surgery was very quick and as soon as I woke up I no longer felt the pain that I had before. It was immediate relief and I went home the same day. It took about a week for me to recover from surgery and I went back to my job as a dimensional engineer. Looking back, I wouldn’t do anything differently. I followed instructions and went to physical therapy and I no longer have any issues with my back or leg. I am thankful to be able to hold and play with my daughter without pain.


Jeremiah Barnes – Spring, TX 
I had, what I was told at the time, a disc replacement surgery, which was actually a fusion of disc C5-6 back in Nov. 2013 performed by another spine surgeon. This surgery had failed along with the disc C6-7 creating enough pain to force me to have another surgery in December, 2016 with a (Mobi-c) disc replacement on C6-7. After surgery, my symptoms seemed to worsen to the point of being bed ridden. My left arm was paralyzed and my hands on both sides were trembling. I had given up and become depressed, and angry. My wife kept her love and faith that I could be healed. She wrote to the office here at Spine Associates, explaining in detail of my condition and pretty much grasping for help. The next morning, we were called for a visit. I was still not expecting much as the previous two surgeons were lost and had nothing further for me, so I expected the same here. My wife and I were blown away at the attentiveness, honesty, and willingness to help that Dr. Francis showed us during this visit. We scheduled for an emergency surgery two weeks later, in which both previous surgery and devices were removed, and replaced with new hardware. I now have a plate, a couple of screws, and a new life. I am now returned to work, active with my family and friends, and have regained mobility and functions to my extremities to the point that I am probably in as good of physical shape at forty than I was at twenty-five! I’m exercising, shooting basketball, and enjoying life again. Dr. Francis was the light at the end of my dark tunnel. Thank you!

Paulette Germany – Houston, TX 
First, I like to thank God for leading me to Dr. Francis. When I first came here I was in so much pain from my neck to my arms, right most so. Through additional testing it was determined I needed surgery. Dr. Francis’s staff is awesome, very nice. Surgery went very good. I was in pain, but through following all of Dr. Francis’s advice, I’m one hundred percent better.

Brenda Douglas – Sugar Land, TX
It all started with a sneeze.  I was dealing with allergies and I went into a sneezing fit and with the last sneeze I felt excruciating back pain. The next day I could barely walk do to the pain in my back, but I went to work anyway thinking that the pain would eventually settle down. The back pain settled, but then y coworker noticed me limping, but I wasn’t aware that I was limping. By the fourth day, I was so miserable that I had to call into work due to the pain and weakness that I felt in my leg. I went to a doctor and she offered me strong pain medications, injections and physical therapy.  I do not like taking pain medications and I didn’t know how I would be able to participate in physical therapy because I was in so much discomfort.  I knew something was wrong with my body and I wanted it to be fixed. I heard about Dr. Francis from a close friend of mine whose husband had just had surgery with Dr. Francis.  I told her about what was going on and she said that I needed to see Dr. Francis and he would be able to help me.  I argued at first because my pain was in my leg and I didn’t know how a spine specialist could help with my leg pain.  I went ahead and called and I was offered an appointment the very next day.  Dr. Francis already had an idea of what was wrong with me as soon as he saw me walking down the hall and dragging my foot.  We decided that surgery would be the best option due to the weakness I was already experiencing.  I went home the same day of surgery and began walking that day.  I only needed pain medication for one day after surgery because I found that walking helped my postoperative pain more than anything.  The more I walked the better I felt.  I am pain free and I continue to walk and monitor my progress with a fit bit. I am so happy to be back to normal and I am getting ready to enjoy my retirement. 

Jennifer Olson – Humble, TX 
When I came to Spine Associates I was desperately looking for answers and relief. Six months prior to seeing Dr. Francis, I had already undergone a 360˚ Disc Fusion, and discogram, multiple spine injections, and countless MRI’s and x-rays under a different surgeon. By the third month of post op I knew something wasn’t right because I was not progressing in physical therapy and I was in more pain than I was before the 360˚Disc Fusion surgery. The only way I could manage to get around was with the use of a walker. I couldn’t shower or get myself dressed without the use of a shower chair or help from my husband. I couldn’t drive and the ability to do basic household chores was gone. I was basically bed ridden. The only time I left the house was to go to the doctor appointments and physical therapy. At 30 years old, this is NOT the life I imagined for myself. I couldn’t be the wife and mother my family needed me to be. After my original surgeon told me another 360˚ disc fusion was needed I decided a second opinion would be beneficial. Scared and anxious I arrived for my first appointment at Spine Associates, immediately upon arrival the staff made me feel comfortable and at ease. Before seeing Dr. Francis, x-rays were taken; just steps from the patient rooms. This was very convenient and the staff was super friendly. After my first visit with Dr. Francis it was determined that further tests were needed so he could get the best understanding of the situation. These tests were done nicely and completed within a decent amount of time. Shortly after I met with Dr. Francis for results and it was determined that the original hardware placed in by the other surgeon was loose and no longer holding my spine together correctly. In addition, the two levels above the original fusion that were once fine, now needed to be fused as well. Dr. Francis chose to do a revision surgery, pulling and replacing the original hardware with larger and stronger hardware and he extended the fusion up two addition levels. With everything my body has been through in such a short time, I’ll be honest and say that recovery has been rough. Especially due to so much pain and they uncomfortable oversized back brace. There have been many nights where I cried myself to sleep or was unable to sleep at all. Despite the hardships it has all been worth it. At just 3 months’ post op I could walk without the use of the walker I had been using for a year. Now at 5 months’ post op I can say that physical therapy is getting easier and I am finally driving again. I am now able to shower and get dressed on my own; which to some might not mean much but to me it’s huge! It feels great getting back my independence. I know I still have a way to go before I am 100% but for the first time since June 2015 I can see a light shining at the end of the tunnel. I know that all of this wouldn’t be possible without Dr. Francis and his staff at Spine Associates! To them I say THANK YOU! Thank you for getting me on the path to getting my life back.

Mia Suniga – Scoliosis Correction
I had my scoliosis correction and now I am very excited about getting back to drill team at my high school.  The recovery from the surgery was a little longer than I expected, but I don’t regret having it done. I loved the hospital and the nurses were awesome! I am happy

Irene Gutierrez – Channelview, TX 
When my back issues started, I had a hard time climbing stairs and sometimes walking was hard for me. I was in chronic pain and it caused me depression because my quality of life was poor. Dr. Francis was able to fix my back problems and now I am pain free. He is a blessing and I would recommend him to anyone looking to feel better. He and his staff are understanding and caring and they he takes time with you to fix your issues. Having surgery was the best decision I made. I have range of motion and I am out of pain.

Pablo Garza – Channelview, TX
Dr. Francis is by far the best doctor I have encountered. He and his staff gave me 100% care & attention, which is rare these days. He takes the time to explain your diagnosis & procedure that will follow. I’ve had pain & numbness in my arms, shoulder and fingers for several years now. I would drop things or they would slip out of my hands. It was very frustrating! I was not looking forward to my surgery, as thoughts of something going wrong consumed me. I went through the surgery & woke a new man, I was still groggy, but noticed that I could feel my fingers & life my arm with no pain. It was almost instant healing! I got my life back and I’m able to perform my duties and tasks that were challenging and painful prior to my surgery. Thank you Dr. Francis! I have already referred several friends to Spine Associates for their back and neck issues.

Gary Hackler – Lake Jackson, TX 
Dr. Francis and his entire staff are truly amazing. From the first phone call to his office, first encounter with office/clerical staff, meeting his medical staff & then Dr. Francis. One of Dr. Francis staff even shared her lunch snack with me as I hadn’t eaten. I was treated with such professionalism and I valued the knowledge of the latest surgical technique. I have since recommended others to Spine Associates. I had a laminectomy decompression procedure and I am completely satisfied with the results. I walked out of the surgery feeling so much better.

Joseph Thomas – Sugar Land, TX 
The pain in my back and legs was so bad that I could hardly walk. I had several treatments before seeing Dr. Francis which included acupuncture, cortisone shots, and therapy decompressions with no relief. My primary care physician, Dr. Williams, recommended Dr. Francis. After having surgery, I can walk & have no limitations. The things that I appreciate most now are those things that I took for granted before surgery, like standing long enough to cook and singing in my church choir. Before surgery, I could not stand during church service and when I sand in the choir, I would have to sit down in the middle of our performance. Now I can stand through the service and praise God for giving me my life back.


Cora McKissic – Victoria, TX 
I started having back pain one year ago, but I always pushed through my pain because I had recently started my own food truck business. I began having extreme pain in my leg and foot and I went to specialists in Victoria who performed various diagnostic tests to try and figure out what was causing the pain in my foot. One of the doctors decided to perform an MRI on my low back and it showed that I had stenosis and a herniated disc which could possibly account for the pain in my leg and foot. He said that I should see a spine specialist. The babysitter that I use for my 4-month-old recommended that I go to Houston to see Dr Francis. He had performed her back surgery and he came highly recommended by others in Victoria. I was very impressed with Dr. Francis and his staff from the very first visit. He was very thorough and the surgery went very smooth. I am back to running my business and being a mom. I would highly recommend Spine Associates to my family and friends.


Alexa Toribio – Cypress, TX
I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 12, and I had to wear a back brace for 2 years. I decided to get surgery to fix the problem and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Dr. Francis was very nice and even though I was nervous, he made me feel calm. After surgery, I went to physical therapy and I learned how to live my normal life again. I have no back pain and better posture. I am now dancing again and I will audition for my school’s dance team.

Suzanne Campling – Houston, TX 
After meeting with Dr. Francis for the first time, my husband and I had no doubt that we had found the right spine surgeon. He truly cares for his patients and has their best interest in mind at all times.  He is the best and my husband and I highly recommend him.

Rev. Airon Reynolds, Jr. 
I began having pain in my right shoulder, lower right side of my neck, right arm, thumb and index finger.  I was taken to the hospital emergency room twice because the pain was so severe.  Dr. Francis was recommended for treatment.  He immediately diagnosed my condition.  Surgery was performed and I had immediate relief and my daily life has improved greatly.  I haven’t needed any pain medications since surgery. I am eternally grateful for services rendered and the courteous, professional care given by Dr. Francis and his staff.  I whole heatedly recommend Dr. Francis..


Tasha Bason – Houston, TX 
No B.S.,  I saw two other doctors before him that gave me the run around and just wanted to prescribe medications and send me to physical therapy. Dr. Francis figured out the problem and fixed it before it got worse. I am no longer in pain!

Leslie Shirhall – Seadrift, TX 
Sixteen years ago, I was in a car wreck and have had neck issues since. Recently, I started having severe migraines and nerve issues in the hands and feet. After two MRIs and a referral to Dr. Francis, I was diagnosed with a herniated disc causing pressure on my spinal cord. Dr. Francis removed the disc and fused the adjoining vertebrae together. Now I no longer have migraines or pain and I have a positive outlook on life. Dr. Francis is so caring and knowledgeable and his staff is awesome as well.


Stanley Kendrick – Victoria, TX
To start with, I was very pleased that Dr. Francis took my appointment the next day after contacting his office. He evaluated my lower spine and agreed that he could do the necessary procedure on Friday. As much pain that I had been in for two weeks prior, I was ready to do it. Dr. Francis and his staff and office personnel were very professional and an enjoyment to be around. They made me feel very comfortable. We live in Victoria, TX and I would recommend to anyone that it is worth the long drive for Dr. Francis’s services. 

Raymond King – Houston, TX
I would recommend Spine Associates because they offer professional advice, understanding and they are great at what they do. I appreciated the fact that my problem was solved and the positive attitude of Dr. Francis and his co-workers. Since having my back surgery, my daily life has improved immensely; I can perform all day to day actions pain-free.

Joseph Manjack III –  Houston, TX
My name is Joseph Manjack III. In 2000 I was run over while on foot by a vehicle. Throughout the last 16 years I have been struggling with severe pain in both my neck and lower back. I have two children that I have missed out on so many things due to my back and neck problems. In 2016 the pain was no longer bearable. I was in so much pain that my blood pressure was through the roof. The doctors thought I was having a heart attack. It even began to affect my vision. I haven’t been able to hold a job and provide for my family like I should causing me to have depression as well. My marriage was falling apart. I was about to lose it all. I didn’t even want to live anymore.
I have always been very skeptical of surgery. I have heard so many stories of people having surgery and it not being successful causing more pain and problems. Every doctor immediately recommended surgery but what they wanted to do didn’t make complete since and didn’t seem to have very good success rates. To be completely honest it scared me to death the thought of surgery.
My daily life has changed tremendously since Dr. Francis performed the surgery. First and foremost I don’t dread waking up every morning. I have lost weight and feel like a brand new person. I laugh so much more. I would recommend Spine Associates to anyone that has any neck, spine, or back problems. Dr. Francis takes his time and explains everything you are feeling and going through. He also told me exactly what to expect and how to manage. The most valuable aspect of my experience with Spine Associates is that I feel like I am a completely different person. Maybe the best way to explain is I am back and I haven’t felt like me in so long that I forgot how good being me felt. I have seen many other doctors and none of them convinced me nor did I trust or beak it down in terms I could understand the way Dr. Francis did. I am so very thankful for having met Dr. Francis. He has changed my life. Maybe one day I could even go sky diving and Dr. Francis will join me.

F.R. – Police Officer in Pearland, TX
After being a police officer for 3 years, I started having back problems. I would work through the pain until one day I couldn’t move at all. After multiple referrals to Dr. Francis and his recommendation on surgery,  I decided that spine surgery was my best option.  I am now able to walk again without pain.  I was really impressed on how quickly they got my surgery scheduled and performed.  I would highly recommend him and actually already have. Everyone is always friendly and considerate of my time.

Dora Orta
I have been sick with back pain since 2005. In 2006, I had my first back surgery with a doctor in Victoria, Texas and after the first surgery; I was still in a lot of pain. That same year, I had my second back surgery with the same doctor and I still had the constant back pain and the top part of my body was leaning forward. My pain management doctor referred me to Dr. Richard Francis in Bellaire, Texas. He took x-rays and showed me what was wrong with my back. Dr. Francis told me that it would be a challenge, but that he would be able to fix my back. On April 13, 2011, I had my back surgery. The doctors, nurses and staff were the most personable, caring and uplifting people that my family and I have ever dealt with in a medical environment. I truly appreciate their attentiveness to my needs and for making my time in the hospital less stressful for my family and me. Now, I am able to stand straight, walk better and I am no longer in constant pain thanks to Dr. Francis. I would refer anyone to Dr. Francis because he did such a great job on my back.

Trisha Barnes – 7th grade teacher and marathon runner
Overall, I am very pleased with my experience at Spine Associates. The day I found out I needed surgery, I was very upset and the Spine Associates staff was extremely caring and supportive. I had spinal fusion eight years ago for my scoliosis by another surgeon, but the unfused portion progressed. Dr. Francis extended my fusion to my lumbar spine to stop any further scoliosis progression. On the day I received my MRI and CT scan results, I had a long wait before I was able to see the doctor (this was the only time I had a long wait). I also had not had surgery yet and I was not in pain. I had 2 pages of typed questions to ask Dr. Francis about my upcoming surgery. When it was my turn to see him, he went over my results and took as much time as I needed to answer all of my questions. I felt much more at ease about my surgery after all of my questions had been answered. On the day of surgery, I got to speak with him before I went back and he checked on me in the hospital on a Sunday afternoon, before I was discharged. The hospital staff had great things to say about Dr. Francis and the results they’ve seen in his patients. After my post-op appointment, the nurse called to check on me to see how I was doing. I am now 3 weeks post-op and doing great! I am very thankful that Dr. Francis takes the time to see patients in Beaumont so that I don’t have to drive to Houston for every appointment. I read a lot about the robotic spine surgery and the new technology is nothing short of impressive. I even watched YouTube videos that describe the advantages of this new technology. The whole time I was preparing for surgery, I mistakenly assumed that I would be getting the robotic technology. After my pre-op appointment, I began wondering why I hadn’t gotten the scans required to program me into the robotic system. I called to ask about this and it was explained that the hospital my insurance covered did not have the robotic technology at that site. I was upset at first, but it didn’t affect my decision to have the surgery. With or without the robotic assistance, I feel that Dr. Francis really is a leader in the field of spine surgery and I am very happy with my results.

Stacey Ojemeni – Beaumont, TX 
I thank God for Dr. Richard Francis. He is a talented specialist who restores life with his gift. After having a discectomy at L5-S1 in 2009, I returned to playing sports and activities that I love.


Mary Douglass – Beaumont, TX 
Excellent physician. What he told me would happen after surgery has been 100% correct. I have been in a lot of physician offices and his practice is run exceptionally well.


Charley C.  – Angleton, TX
Prior to coming to Spine Associates, we had very little hope for any resolution. After coming here and having his surgery, I am back to being myself and I am now pain free. Without Dr. Francis, I don’t know where we would be. We are from a small town and knew we had to come to Houston. I heard he was very conservative in his treatment process, but I was prepared for surgery. When I woke up from anesthesia, I could immediately feel my hands and fingers again. I would definitely recommend Dr. Francis for anyone that has back or neck issues. He’s helped people that I know.

Jeff Suggs
The first physician I visited for my severe low back pain recommended surgery to repair several herniated discs. He performed bilateral decompression surgery, which is meant to shave bone, relieving pressure from the discs. What should have been a routine surgery left me in much greater pain. Three follow-up surgeries by the same physician made matters even worse. I could barely walk. I couldn’t hold a milk carton in my hand. I couldn’t stand up for more than moment. Driving was excruciating. And I was completely incapable of earning a living in my physically demanding job, removing paint overspray from cars. After the fourth surgery, the pain was agonizing. When my doctor suggested I have a morphine drip implant as the long-term solution for my pain, I realized the huge mistake I made entrusting him with my life. I was determined not to end up in the care of the wrong physician again, and did an extensive amount of research to find a doctor who could help me. When I read about Dr. Francis, I told my wife “That’s the guy. That’s the guy who can help me.” Dr. Francis examined me, reviewed my X-rays, and told me he could fix me. When you’re that messed up and someone tells you “I can fix you” it’s just unbelievable. It turns out that my previous doctor had completely collapsed my discs during surgery and never told me! He used microsurgery, which I later learned was highly likely to fail due to the small incisions. Additionally he performed 4 surgeries on me in just 6 weeks, which is incredibly dangerous.  Dr. Francis had me wait several weeks before he performed surgery to decompress my herniated discs and repair the damage caused by my previous surgeries. He put me on a cycle of antibiotics and meticulously checked my blood work to ensure a healthy liver count before surgery in order to lower my risk of infection, something that had not been done for any the previous procedures.  The difference between where I received my other back surgeries and Houston Orthopedic & Spine Hospital was like night and day. I waited for hours before each of my first four surgeries. At HOSH I only waited 15 minutes before I was in surgery. Not just the surgical staff, but also the whole team at HOSH was totally different. When I was prepped for surgery they informed me about everything. From the moment I arrived they were just so much more professional at every phase of the process.  After Dr. Francis performed surgery, I could feel an immediate difference as soon as I woke up. In contrast to the other surgeries where I awoke in terrible pain, this time I could feel that the muscles in my lower back and buttocks were relaxed for the first time in months.  Where my previous doctor had advised bed rest and wanted to put me on a morphine drip after surgery, Dr. Francis encouraged me to avoid painkillers because they are so addicting, and instead recommended physical therapy.  My back muscles had severely atrophied. I started my recovery by simply walking around the house. Within 6 months of my surgery with Dr. Francis, I was able to exercise again. Within a year, I was able to work again, which is something that I thought would never be possible. My job is physically intense requiring me to vigorously apply polish as well as hold my hand so steady that I can remove over-spayed paint with a razor blade. I’m able to drive for 12 hours at a time now, as is sometimes needed to get to my next project. There are times when I still can’t believe how far I’ve come.  If I had gone to Dr. Francis first, solving my back pain would have been a hiccup instead of a nightmare. When you’re in as much pain as I was in, there’s no other way to describe it but to say he really saved my life.

After months of seeing a chiropractor, my back pain was getting worse and worse. I could hardly walk because my sciatic nerve was causing so much pain. I had two herniated discs. After my surgery my life changed; the pain had disappeared. Dr. Francis and his team were fantastic. They were all very helpful and professional. I will recommend Dr. Francis to anyone with back problems, as I know they will be in great hands.

Carol Albrecht
I have had a perfect experience with Dr. Richard Francis from the day of my first evaluation to current day. He is amazing and I would trust no one else with my spine health and recovery. 🙂 My husband is a patient of Dr. Francis as well.

Sam Dibello
Everything has been great from Dr. Francis and his staff, the hospital and the hospital staff. My recovery has been wonderful. Dr. Richard Francis has done a very good job on my back.

Joseph Moehler – EMT/Firefighter
My initial pain/symptoms started in January of 2015. I woke up one morning and noticed that I had a very minor bilateral sciatic pain with minor lumbar pain. This was not from a traumatic injury and to this day, I’m not sure how I injured myself (possible wear and tear from firefighting). Within a month, I had stopped working at my job with Victoria Fire Department and my sciatic pain was so severe that I couldn’t stand up straight and I was confined to a wheelchair. The pain was so extreme that I didn’t even want to move and I was brought to tears on several occasions. I finally got an MRI and was referred to Dr. Francis by a friend that had seen him. He told me that I had two herniated discs, one of which had protruded so far into my spinal canal that I had only 4mm’s of space left. I was also told that I had two fractures in my L4 vertebrae. Within a week I had surgery with him and he repaired both discs and put two screws into my L4 vertebrae. The recovery took about three months during which time I wore a hard brace and I am almost back to 100%. My pain is almost completely gone and I have never felt better. From where I was to my current state is nothing short of a miracle. I’ve never been happier and I am in awe of what Dr. Francis has done for me. I have never been more grateful in my life than I am with Dr. Francis.  I would recommend him to my family and friends. Dr. Francis is my hero and has given me a new pain-free life and I value the professionalism and hospitality that I experienced with Spine Associates. I always felt taken care of.

Alexis Ruby
I lived with back pain for over a year before I came to Spine Associates. Dr. Francis ran a couple of tests and told me right away that I needed to have scoliosis surgery. The surgery was amazing! I came out in some pain but it was controlled with medication in the beginning. Three months following my surgery, I felt better than ever. I’m able to go places and do things that I never could have done before my surgery. Now I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life! THANK YOU!

Yvonne Wright
I had been referred to 4-6 doctors/specialists regarding the problems I was having with tingling and numbness in two fingers on my left hand. Finally, I was referred to Dr. Francis who diagnosed nerve damage due to discs in my spine pressing against nerves leading to those fingers. He is efficient, considerate, and caring. He explained everything he thought about my situation, and everything he planned to do to resolve it. He took the time to show me all of the results of every test and explained them to me. I would/will recommend him every chance I get. I already thank him for operating on my mom and I have given his name and phone number to three other people at my job.

Rosemary Grant – Houston, TX 
I am celebrating one year anniversary today for my 360 spinal surgery and I am feeling GREAT! Thank you, Dr. Francis!
In the past year I fulfilled the rehab exercises, went back to my jazzercise and yoga classes, rode stationary bike (have not ridden my street bike yet) fell forward three times – doing face plants- the last one I stubbed and broke my left big toe. But no pain in the back.
I have planned a ski trip to Whitefish, Montana the last week in February and just wanted to get your blessing. I have been skiing since I have been 18 – in Europe, NorthEast, and out West. I will refrain from the black diamonds and will try and ski my age bracket on the blues & greens.
You are the best – you gave me a new life!

Ricky Swango II – Jones Creek, TX 
Dr. Francis is an excellent and caring doctor. You couldn’t ask for a better doctor or person. His staff is very caring. Our family couldn’t thank them (Dr. Francis and staff) enough for what they have done. Words can’t express how grateful we are to Dr. Francis’s care.

Irene Joy Cook – Angleton, TX 
Other than the doctor ending up increasing the number of screws and rods in my back for increased stability, my surgery and recovery expectations and healing timeline have occurred exactly as the doctor said it would. It can be scary to undergo something so big as back surgery; a life altering event. But I am so glad that I chose Dr. Francis to go thru this season with. I still remember the day I was fitted for my brace, which I would wear thru out my 3 months of recovery. When the technician spoke so highly of Dr. Francis, and stated that she sees the greatest recovery with Dr. Francis’ patients, especially those who follow his instructions and orders exactly, that was when I knew I was in good hands with a confident and skilled doctor.

E.J. – Angleton, TX
This is the first time a doctor and his staff showed excellence in every way. I will recommend this dr and his staff to my family and friends.

Benito Palomo – Houston, TX 
My symptoms were strange to me because I didn’t really have back pain. My pain started as a slight ache in my calf and a few days later the pain increased. It was a nagging pain that kept me from sleeping. I saw a chiropractor who ordered an MRI and when the results came back she recommended that I see a neurosurgeon. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Francis. He was able to see me within 10 days where the other doctor couldn’t see me for 6 weeks! I am now back at work pain-free as a freight truck driver for UPS.

Irene Granousky
Dr. Francis gave me my life back. I suffered with back pain for a few years and was once operated on by a different surgeon but the pain did not go away. I understand now how true the words are: “You are happy as long as you do not feel pain.” Thank you, Dr. Francis, for making me feel happy again.

Deborah Matusek – Palacious, TX 
I have had neck problems for years. I’ve had several chiropractors tell me that I had terrible spinal stenosis caused by osteoarthritis in my neck. I would get terrible cricks in my neck several times a year, where I could not turn my head and I suffered great pain. I was an avid equestrian. On October 17, 2010 a green-broke horse threw me into the panels of my round pen at home. When my husband heard the noise of me hitting the panel he found me face-down, unconscious, and not breathing. He gently rolled me over and held me in his lap on the ground until EMS arrived. In Bay City, Texas the doctors did an MRI that showed I had fractured my C-2 vertebrae but they were just as worried about the arthritis damage in my neck. I was life flighted to Hermann Hospital in Houston where Dr. Rex Marco put me in a halo brace for four months. My C1 and C2 fused together, but he told us that eventually I would half to have next surgery to deal with arthritis damage in my neck. Since then I have experience numbness in tingling in both my arms and hands. I often awoke with both my arms completely numb. In March 2016 I started having severe pain in my neck. I huge knot appeared. I went to my primary physician, John Neese, PA, who took x-rays of my neck. He said I was going to need surgery. The bone spurs and calcium deposits between my seat three and C6 would have to be cleaned out. My desk between C4 and C5 was bulging and putting undue pressure on my spinal cord. He immediately said he would not recommend any other doctor to perform the surgery but Dr. Richard Francis at SPINE ASSOCIATES in Houston. From the time husband and I entered the SPINE ASSOCIATES clinic we were treated with such friendliness and compassion. The staff there is very efficient. Dr. Francis before my surgery on April 27, 2016. He said all went well with no complications. I am now three weeks out of surgery and mending well. I have no numbness or tingling in my arms and hands. I would recommend Dr. Francis and his associates for any spine related surgeries. I was extremely impressed by the website and all of Dr. Francis’ accomplishments in spinal surgery. Thank you, Spine Associates, for many more years of playing with my grandchildren.


Bobby Thomas – New Ulm, TX 
Very pleased and satisfied.

Gene A. Moore
I was having severe problems with my neck and shoulder areas until I came to see Dr. Francis. Dr. Francis sent me to have a MRI done and later my condition was diagnosed. Surgery was done and I am a healthy and wealthy man. I feel great! No more pain and suffering. Dr. Francis is dedicated to what he does and has a passion to see all patients healthy and well. You can trust him with your issue. I recommend him highly. Thank God for such a gift to the medical field.

Douglas Clark – Beaumont, TX
I was raised in Iowa. My mom and dad didn’t believe in going to doctors. When I was 16, we were putting a new roof on our shop and I slipped and fell. I fell 20 feet and landed on my back. I continued working through the pain for the next 33 years. Upon returning from a road trip to Maryland and back to Texas I was and able to lift my right leg to get in my work truck. I went home and Payne hoping to see my family doctor. I saw my doctor the next day and had an MRI. I was referred to Dr. FRANCIS for in a valuation. I saw Dr. FRANCIS on June 2 and had surgery on June 22. The pressure on my spinal cord was relieved immediately. After physical therapy, I was able to return to work on October 10. Live well physical therapy, upon Dr. Francis’s recommendation, was instrumental to my recovery. Since surgery my daily life has improved and I don’t live with the pain I had before. My mobility and flexibility have also improved. I would recommend SPINE ASSOCIATES to my friends and relatives because Dr. Francis is tops and explaining everything and provides surgical excellence. I value the speed and skill shown by Dr. FRANCIS and his staff. Dr. Francis’ explanation of the plan of care was what convinced me that he was the right person to do my surgery.

Tanya Wilson
I would like to tell you what an amazing experience we had here at this hospital (Foundation Surgical Hospital). Totally opposite of University General. All of the nurses and staff were amazing. There are a few that went above and beyond, and these are the people that I would like to tell you about. The nurses, Sherell and Jan, were great. Kadi was wonderful as well. Nathan, the parking attendant, was also so friendly to everyone. Pierre, who took my mom downstairs to the valet after she was released, was so friendly. Lisa Daniels, the billing supervisor who I met in the hospital cafeteria, was so caring and even took the time to come meet my mom. Michelle Lee, who took the time to bring the healing machine for my mom’s back, was very sweet and very descriptive on how to use it. She even came back the next day to say hello while she was seeing other patients and called my mom to make sure we didn’t have any problems with the machine. Thank you so much for fixing my mom. You are the best! God bless! Oops, I forgot one person, Linda Luse with OPA! She was wonderful.

Max Crawford
For the longest period of time I have had severe headaches and back pain that have been non-stop. I went through several sessions of injections for my neck and lower back only giving relief for no more than two days at a time. Upon seeing Dr. Francis and his staff I knew I was in the right hands to get my problems of my spine/neck/headaches relieved. My wife and I did do a lot of research of Dr. Francis and Foundation Surgical Hospital in Houston and we were very pleased with the results and feedback that we found. I had back surgery in December of 2009. Yes at first there was a lot of pain after surgery but I followed directions and I did my physical therapy and did the prescribed exercises at home and now I see myself at a point of being almost normal today. My pain is gone; I just have a little fatigue to any kind of heavy work. Before my symptoms began, I had always been a very hard working and aggressive person. I participated in sports, outdoor activities, landscaping, etc. Overall, my back feels great! Better than it ever has before. After my neck surgery in March of 2010 the headaches are gone and I have no more ringing in my ears. Again, I followed the prescribed exercise regiment needed to increase the strength and flexibility in my back and neck. The pain is gone and I haven’t felt this good and pain-free in years. The surgery performed by Dr. Francis was outstanding. The hospital staff at Foundation Surgical Hospital was great. Everyone listened to me and my wife’s needs in getting me physically fit and getting me back to myself. I work at a hardware and lumber store and performance at work has drastically improved. I have so much relief because of what everyone has done; both professional and emotionally supportive. I am so relieved, happy, overly joyed on how everything has turned out. I just want to include one last thing. I love to do archery competition shooting and I can now draw my equipment without any pain and I am able to get back into my sport after 2 years of not being able to participate. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN…VERY MUCH. God Bless You All

Jay T. Willis – Retired Manual Labor-Oil field/Carpenter/Dock Worker
When I was young, I made a living with my back, such as oil field work, carpentry, and dock work. Over time my back was getting worse and old age also contributed to my pain. Before long I got to where I could only walk a block before my back and right leg would give out. Pain and depression took my life from me, but Dr. Francis gave it back!! My life has improved tremendously since my surgery. I’m getting stronger and I’m pain-free.

Wendy Strange
I am 46 years old and was diagnosed with Scoliosis (thoracic and lumbar curves) at age 14. I wore a brace for 1 year at that time. It has only been in the last 10 years that I have noticed significant changes in the degree of my curves and pain in my back. While I was not in severe pain, it was a constant discomfort that never went away and my previous doctor had offered me NOTHING to help me to deal with my condition. Then I went to see Dr. Francis. I was so relieved when he said that he could correct my spine. I did not want my scoliosis to continue to progress, leaving me crippled and unable to live the active lifestyle that my husband and I enjoy. Dr. Francis took every step necessary to insure that I received the best possible outcome with my surgery. He answered any and every question that we had. I have been so impressed with the personal and undivided attention I have received while in his care. After surgery, I was very diligent in following the Post-Op instructions. Dr. Francis had said that I would be able to dance at my son’s wedding eight weeks after surgery, and he was right, I did.

Regina Ambush
Dr. Francis is a fine doctor. I am not in pain anymore and my back feels fine!

Woodie Johnson
Before my surgery, I was very scared because people do a lot of talk about back surgery. I had pain for about 2 years, my last year was unbearable. So, I went [and] got two doctor’s opinions. They both recommended Dr. Richard Francis, when I met with Dr. Francis and talk with him I knew that I wanted him to do my surgery. I had no doubt in my mind. Dr. Francis did a wonderful job. His staff and hospital staff was so professional, friendly, and nice. Thank you so much! Since my surgery I am pain free and I got my life back. P.S. Have faith in God and Dr. Francis.

Bryan D.
Dr. Francis is an excellent surgeon. Considering my pain and condition before diagnosis and subsequent surgery, I feel wonderful and close to back to normal after only two weeks post surgery. I would recommend Dr. Francis to anyone I know with back problems.

Prior to my surgery, the pain that I had truly made the quality of life very poor. I couldn’t do the things that I enjoy. After the first week after my surgery, I knew that I had gained back the quality of life that I so desired. I have no more pain in my legs and I am ready to go fishing again and enjoy activities with my family. Dr. Francis is a godsend to me and I am so grateful to have had him as my surgeon. The nursing staff was great to me as well.

Laura Orr
I am at this time without constant pain in my back, leg and hip. Occasionally there is low back pain with associated sciatic pain over my right buttock but this will disappear when movement proceeds. I am ecstatic with the results of the work done on my back, which was a fusion from T-11 to L-4.

Kimberly Hamilton
After suffering for many years with lower back pain that would come and go, I found myself with serious lumbar back pain that would not go away. A co-worker told me about Dr. Francis. From my first visit with Dr. Francis I was amazed. All of my x-ray and MRI’s were done on my first visit. Dr. Francis really worked to ensure that he could determine my primary cause of pain. I had a herniated disc and a bulging disc, but my symptoms of pain weren’t reflective of my true source of pain. Dr. Francis had additional tests done and found the TRUE source of my pain within a couple of weeks, I was scheduled for surgery; L4/5 & L5/S1 lumbar spinal fusion. Disc pain was immediately relieved with surgery 4 months out and I was well on my way to a pain-free life. Thank you Dr. Francis and many thanks to your awesome staff.

John M.
I am very pleased with the surgery on my back. When I came in I could hardly walk and now, 3 months later, I am out fishing again! Thanks Dr. Francis and Spine Associates.

Kim Z.
I came to Dr. Francis following therapy after an accident.  He explained that I would need surgery to correct the problem.  I put it off for one year because I was afraid to have the surgery.  After one year I had the surgery to repair the disc in my neck.  I felt better immediately and was back to normal within one week.  The only difference was that I was wearing the neck brace, but only for 3 weeks.  I would recommend the surgery to anyone with this problem.

Mary Mederios
Hello!  My name is Mary Mederios.  I am 62 years of age.  I would like to tell you a true story.  A story about me. My trouble started when I was 16 years old.  I was rear-ended by a young man when I stopped at a stop sign.  At the age of 17, I had my first back surgery.  I had a herniated disc in my lower back.  My parents were told I had two choices:  live with the pain and accept the falling down, or have surgery and take a chance that I would be wheelchair-bound the rest of my life.  I chose the surgery; however, it never left me wheelchair-bound.  The surgery did relieve most of the pain, and I was able to live with the [rest of] the pain.  Later in my life, I was rear-ended four more times by other people.  Again, I went to the doctors to have my back fixed.  All of the following surgeries would involve disc repair and bone fusions.  After each surgery, I remained in severe pain.  When returning to the doctors, I was told “the pain was all in my head, deal with it.”  So I did.   My problem got worse.  I would hurt 24/7 and I could not stand up straight for [more than] 5 – 10 minutes after sleeping or sitting.  Sometimes I would fall down.  By this time I had moved to Texas.  When the falling down became so frequent, I said something to my family doctor.  He gave me the name of Dr. Richard Francis and I made an appointment.   When I went to see Dr. Francis, I had made up my mind (after six surgeries) no more surgery.  I told my story of all the previous surgeries.  Dr. Francis examined me, sent me for MRI, CT scan and some kind of nerve test to see if the [previous] fusions had taken.  It appeared they [had] not as I had nerve damage. Returning to Dr. Francis for the findings, he looked me straight in the eye (keep in mind I had my mind made up no more surgery) and said “I guarantee I can help you if I do surgery.”  I trusted him and he was right.  The surgery was done on September 20, 2006, and – 22 years after my last surgery – I have relief from my pain. I now hardly have any pain and the little pain I experience is not caused by my back.  It is because for 22 years, I walked with a limp, causing a shrinking of the ligaments, tendons, etc. in your leg [that] help you walk.  The spinal column consists of a spinal cord and a bundle of nerves.  This bundle slipped through the L5 vertebrae and S1, cutting off the nerve endings.   Only two weeks after my surgery I stand up straight, sit up straight and walk with a longer stride (not baby steps) and at a faster pace.  The pain that I am having is the result of favoring my leg.  My muscles, ligaments and what else moves the legs had shrunk and now must be stretched back to a normal position. Am I glad I had the surgery?  Would I do it again?  YES, BUT ONLY IF DR. FRANCIS WOULD AGREE TO BE MY SURGEON.

Ogretta Joy Witzl
My name is Ogretta Joy Witzl and I am fifty-five years “young.”  Because of my tremendous good fortune, to have been graced with a new lease on life, which is free of pain, I have an abundance of life, which I did not believe I would ever know again.  I had suffered with lower back pain for over twenty-five years. On May 31, 2006, the doctor with the “magic hands,” Dr. Richard Francis, performed a procedure, which transformed my life, my soul, and my outlook on life, to a life free of pain.  Dr. Francis is a brilliant doctor, to say the least, but his greatest gift is that of making sure his patients are educated about their condition.  He is calm, he is reassuring, he is patient, and always has time to listen to his patients.  Dr. Francis is a man of grace.  When you look into his eyes, one has – at a glance – his/her fears alleviated, and one feels himself/herself taking that breath of “it’s going to be fine.”  I have never met a doctor who is first a man of dignity.  Dr. Francis, the “man with the magic hands,” has healed not only my body, but also my spirit.  I have so much faith and admiration for this gentleman, and that is exactly what he is – a gentle man – with the gift of healing.  I plan to have cervical surgery in late May 2007.  I know that I am blessed to have found Fr. Francis, and I recommend this gentle man, this gifted surgeon, this “man with magic hands” to lead you to a life free of pain, and freedom from fear. I have been blessed!

Cheryl Franklin
I had a ruptured disc and had had the steroid shots and work therapy, but my ruptured disc did not go away. I had the new disc replacement surgery and was back to work as a designer in 11 days. My problem disc is gone and I feel like the Bionic Woman with no pain or limitations! I have full range of motion and NO MORE PAIN!!

Eric Flot
God has truly blessed Dr. Richard Francis and his staff to do excellent spinal surgery. Three weeks after my surgery, I was up and walking without my brace and everything was fine. I’m glad that Dr. Francis was my doctor and I thank God for using him at Foundation Surgical Hospital. Keep up the good work, Dr. Francis!

Linda Huestis
Dr. Francis is a great doctor. He is very thorough in his exams. He has an excellent bedside manner and very compassionate. I am very grateful that he is my doctor. I fell off an 8-foot ladder and he had to fix my discs.

Sonia Bradley
I recently underwent scoliosis corrective surgery with an amazing surgical team lead by Dr. Richard Francis of Spine Associates.  I had suffered with mild scoliosis for most of my life, but, unmonitored, it had progressed to a severe degree.  Dr. Francis answered all of my questions about the risks and rewards of surgery and explained everything I need (and wanted) to know about the procedure.  He even entertained me when I grilled him on his education and experience. The day of the surgery, I was comforted by the doctors and nurses in the pre-op room and really felt as though I was in good hands.  Immediately after my eight-hour surgery, Dr. Francis visited my parents in the waiting room and answered all of my mother’s questions.  After the surgery, I was up walking the next day.  I was released from the hospital a day early and went back to work after only four weeks.  I credit Dr. Francis for my speedy recovery and for doing such an incredible job on my spine.  My surgery and recovery was a “textbook” example and I owe it all to Dr. Francis and his amazingly talented team of doctors and nurses. Six months later, all that reminds me of the surgery is a thin scar, a straighter, more even back and the brace in the back of my closet that I wore immediately after my surgery.  Today I am active and feel no physical limitations or pain.  I dance, wear high heels, go to the gym and just took up golf!  I know that if I had foregone surgery, I would have signed myself for a lifetime of pain and disability.  The worst thing I remember about the surgery was wearing the brace afterwards… made of plastic… in July… in Houston.  Not too bad, considering the surgery! Thank you Dr. Francis.  To do what you do and to do it so well is truly a gift to the world.

Jodi Schaefer
Just a little over one year ago, I believe I had almost come to the point where I felt I might have to accept pain as a way of life, along with the inability to stand up straight or walk normally.  After meeting with Dr. Francis and his fantastic staff at Spine Associates, I began to believe that I actually had a chance to improve my quality of life.  I just had no idea how true that would be! Almost two years following the last of two prior back surgeries, my condition seemed to be worsening, and I was in constant pain.  I had always been very physically active, and it was difficult not to be able to do so many things that make up who I am. Now I am almost one year post-operative with Dr. Francis; having found Dr. Francis is just one more thing for which I have to be truly thankful! Dr. Francis is caring and compassionate and, at the same time, he is honest and straightforward, so that I could be informed and actively involved in decisions regarding my own health.  I believe his skill as a surgeon is an absolute gift.  He cares deeply about the overall well being of each patient, as well as caring about him or her as individuals. Thanks to this awesomely talented and skilled man, I feel normal again, and each day brings continued improvement in my condition. Thank you, Dr. Francis.. for giving me my life back!

Brandon S.
At first visit to Dr. Francis – very quick and very professional.  Then I also got into surgery within 2 weeks.  Dr. Francis and his associates treated me very well.  The nurses and doctors at Foundation Surgical Hospital also treated me very well.  I am very pleased with my outcome after 5 weeks of physical therapy.  I would recommend Dr. Francis to anybody in need of spine care.

Mary Nixon
I started coming to Spine Associates in July.  Dr. Francis ran tests and found my problem.  On September 6th he performed a cervical surgery with fusion and after about a week after surgery I was off pain medication and only taking Tylenol.  The staff at both Houston and Beaumont are the best.

Ravi Kapadia
I was devastated when I found out that a major back surgery was my only option to living a healthy life, but Dr. Francis reassured me that the surgery would have me back to school in a month. I began walking the day after surgery and Dr. Francis stuck to his word, I was back in school for the start of the spring semester. Nearly five years after my surgery I am enjoying all my activities I did before and most importantly, I am fulfilling my childhood dream: studying medicine with the hope of giving others a second chance like Dr. Francis did for me. Thank you, Dr. Francis.

Delia Barnes
I have received the highest professional care I believe possible during my care process at Spine Associates and Foundation Surgical Hospital.  Dr. Francis and his staff are highly recommended.  The staff and auxiliary services at the hospital operated in a highly skilled and professional manner.

Evelyn Latel & Family
I thank God for sending you to me.  You gave me my life back.  Thank you for all you did for me. Evelyn Dr. Francis, After 3 years of watching my mother suffer from pain and 3 surgeries our family was about to give up and accept that this was all we were going to get.  Then, we met you.  With your professional attitude, you told us to trust you, that you could make it right.  Well we did and I put the person who gave me life into your hands.  I just wanted to tell you “Thank You” for giving her life back to her and to me.  Even from the pain of the surgery, she could already feel a difference in her recovery yet to come. Thank you for devoting your life to regular people like us!  You will always hold a special place in our hearts. Ron L. (Son) Thanks for taking such good care of my sister. Edna (Sister)

James Smith
When I first came to see Dr. Francis I was unable to walk for any distance or go up and down stairs.  I was sent for injections.  I noticed improvement immediately. Now I can go up and down stairs and walk farther.  I also played 36 holes of golf!  Getting better everyday. You changed my life!

Walter Kuhleman
Dr. Francis did my lumbar fusion and foraminal decompression surgery in October 2008.  Eight months later I was out playing golf  – only 9 holes but it felt great.  I have a 2 1/2 year old grandchild that loves to dance with her Paw Paw.  A month ago, my niece down here and bought a house in New Waverly, Texas.  The plumbing under the house was all bad.  As a result of the great job that Dr. Francis did on my back, I was able to replace all of the pipes with little or no pain. Thanks Doc!

Michael Tentrup
Dr. Francis treated me and I highly recommend him and his staff.  I began 2008 barely able to walk.  After surgery I dramatically improved.  I am now able to do anything that I want including playing softball.  Dr. Francis is the person to see if you have back trouble.

Paula Seiley
I am so impressed with the care of patients that is so precious and personal.  Dr. Francis is one of the most caring and professional physicians I have ever been to. The hospital where I had my surgery was the cleanest, neatest, most informative hospital I have ever been to.  I have been sharing my special care with many of my friends.  Thank you Dr. Francis and to all of the nurses and staff here in Beaumont, TX and at Houston Orthopedic & Spine Hospital.

Charlotte Hilliard
Dr. Francis has taken away my back and spinal pain that I had suffered with for 3 years. I had a previous less invasive surgery with a different surgeon, which did very little.  The doctor knew I needed a fusion.  Then when the pain didn’t stop, the surgeon considered me “too emotional” to have the surgery I needed. Dr. Francis saw my pain and not my emotions.  Praise Jesus Father God and the Holy Spirit for sending me to Dr. Richard Francis.  I love him and his staff.

Kerry Smith
Dr. Francis is a great surgeon.  I would do it again.

Debra C.
I am very pleased with my outcome.  The surgery was successful.  Dr. Francis explained everything.  I have had back pain for 5 years and Dr. Francis was able to alleviate me of my pain.  For the first time in 5 years I am pain free.

Jeff Woller
Dr. Francis is the most professional & experienced orthopedic surgeon on earth.  After 12 years of being in level 7 pain (10 being the worst pain possible), Dr. Francis saw that I received the best treatment for my permanent back injury.  In fact, Dr. Francis did not want me to have surgery right away, which I find as unusual in this day and age.  However, due to the natural progression of my injury, I eventually became a candidate for spinal fusion and when Dr. Francis said “it’s time”, I was ready. One day after my surgery I was up and walking.  One month after surgery I was back at work.  Today, 6 months later, I am totally pain free, living a healthier pain free life.  I feel young again.  Thank you Dr. Francis and also the staff and associates of Dr. Francis.

Jeffrey Waisath
I could not walk, sit or lay down without pain.  My leg was dragging and my back was in very bad shape.  Now, thanks to Dr. Francis and his staff I am in awe about my ability to get around with out all of the pain.  “Thank you” is really a small statement for what was done for me.  The hospital was a 5 star hotel. Thank you & God Bless.

Tonya Davis
I was very, very proud of Dr. Francis’ work, keep it up!  He is very friendly and has been very good to me.  He also has a great staff.

Sharon Sarty
After years of pain and missing out on enjoying life, I felt my options as far as conservative methods of helping my back were exhausted and it was time to do the 360 fusion Dr. Francis and I had talked about.  Not only did Dr. Francis fix the pain, but he and his staff were kind, caring and attentive not just to me but my family as well.  This is the most pain free I’ve been in over 20 years.  I have total faith and trust in the entire team.

Daryl Thatcher
My experience with Spine Associates was great.  Dr. Francis and his staff were wonderful.  After my surgery, my experience at the hospital was outstanding.  It was like staying at a 5 star hotel. I would highly recommend them to anyone with back problems. Thanks for making me feel better.


Amy Cole
Dr. Francis thoroughly explained the problem and proposed a solution for my sciatic pain, which was caused by spondylitic spondylolisthesis.  I was able to schedule the surgery quickly and the recovery went as expected.  I no longer have sciatic pain down my left leg and I look forward to becoming active again.

Dr. Francis is a wonderful doctor!  He has a wonderful bedside manner and I would recommend him to the world.  He is the best!!  I have always been blessed with the very best surgeons.  I have had twelve surgeries in my life.  I will not let a doctor touch me unless he has been highly recommended by someone that has had the same surgery that I am having.  He should be known all over the world.  HE’S THE VERY BEST.  No matter what question you ask, he has the answer! I thank my God for him! God Bless You Dr. Francis.

Dr. Francis is very meticulous and detailed.  I have had previous back operations prior to this one, and this was by far the best.  I would strongly recommend Dr. Francis to anyone with spinal problems, no matter how severe.

Thomas Neitzel
It has been a year and four months since my back surgery and this past weekend I unloaded and put down a full pallet of sod in my yard.  Before Dr. Francis found and fixed my back problem I was using a cane to walk and at times a wheel chair.  I just wanted to thank Dr. Francis and his staff for doing such a fine job and helping me live a normal life again.

Geraldine Payne
If you ever experience a spine problem I would recommend Dr. Francis.  He is a Super Doctor and he has a wonderful staff.

Vashti Jones
Before my surgery I could not walk without bending over and was in constant pain.  I had to support my back with my hands in order to walk.  Two years after surgery, I am completely healed and I can walk for miles without pain.  The surgery was a success.  Thank you Dr. Francis.  You are my angel.

John Doe (patient requested to remain anonymous)
I had been suffering for 13 years due to a back injury.  Dr. Francis knew with the first visit that he could help me.  I have been to multiple doctors for my problem and he is the only one that actually did something for me.  He, his staff and the hospital are the best of the best.  God bless them all.

Frances Thibodeux
I, Frances Thibodeux, was in so much pain when I first came to see Dr. Francis. I could not wash my dishes or cook dinner, which was frustrating because it is just my husband and myself. I could not walk half a mile because I was in so much pain. Well, I saw Dr. Francis and he referred me to Dr. Chaudhry to have spine injections. I had two out of three and what a difference that made! I have no pain. I know in the future that if I have pain again I will definitely go see Dr. Francis and Dr. Chaudhry and I will tell everyone about these two great doctors.

Bonnie Carnley
I loved the staff and Dr. Francis. Everyone has been super nice and friendly! My hospital stay was also great. I would recommend this facility to everyone! Dr. Francis is wonderful. THANKS SO MUCH!

Leslie Acker
I suffered from horrible low back, hip and thigh pain for over 6 months. I was completely bed ridden for 5 months. Trying to go from my bed to the bathroom would cause me to cry. After exhausting every option, I spoke with Dr. Francis. I was terrified of getting a fusion, so I went for a second opinion. The other surgeon agreed and suggested a fusion as well. I left the second opinion surgeon’s office with my head spinning! I immediately made an appointment with Dr. Francis. I was very scared until he came and spent 45 minutes with me explaining the surgery and why it was my only option. I left his office calm and at peace about the fusion. His office staff answered questions and checked on me until the time of the surgery, I have enjoyed working with all of them. My biggest surprise during this entire ordeal is waking up after surgery and feeling that my original pain was gone! Completely gone!! At a week and a half Post-Op I was able to go shopping and walk and enjoy my life again. I am now 2 weeks Post-Op and I have spent 2 entire days Christmas shopping. My pain is now minimal and I only take small pain relievers, very rarely. I am so thankful to Dr. Francis and his staff. After 6 long months I have my life back! I can be a mom and a wife again. This is the best Christmas. This experience has also answered that long-standing myth that once you have back pain you will always have back pain. FALSE!! I now know that never again will I lose hours of my life to back pain and having to taking it easy. I will be able to live and enjoy every minute of my life. Dr. Francis you are my hero! Thanks for the awesome staff you have picked to make this short journey a reality and an easy road.

Surgery was great, no pain in my arm immediately after surgery. Dr. Francis is a great surgeon.

Keneisha Parker
I suffered with back pain that was literally “killing me” with every step I took. I was confident that Dr. Francis and his staff could make things better for me. I decided to do the surgery and my husband and I both believe that this was the best decision I’ve ever made. Dr. Francis and his staff attended to my every need with compassion and skill. The surgery was a success. Now, I can walk again, live my life and continue doing the things that I have not been able to do in a long time. Thank you Dr. Francis. Words fall short of my thanks.

Tamara L.
When I first came to see Dr. Francis about my back pain, I was incapacitated. I could not work, exercised or perform normal daily activities. At my first appointment, he said that I would be pain-free from the symptoms I was experiencing immediately after surgery, and he was right! Now, after six weeks of rigorous physical therapy, I’m as good as new and can do all of my activities. I highly recommend Dr. Francis and will return if I experience any spine problems in the future.

Viola Lane
I, Viola Lane, was in constant pain for a year. I went from one doctor to the next trying to find out what was wrong. I finally came across Dr. Francis, who truly saved my life after I had given up hope. He is a wonderful and talented doctor, and everything that they say about him is truly real. I cannot thank him enough! I am happy and safe in his care.

Carl Calle
Dr. Richard R.M. Francis has given me my life back. I wasn’t able to walk before he did both lumbar and cervical surgery. It has been one year since my surgery and now I am able to walk and jog. His staff has been so helpful and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. True professionals. Dr. Francis, God bless you and the talent that you have been given.

Doris Tietz
Dr. Francis is a great doctor. My back pain was horrible and now I am nearly pain-free. I would cry from the terrible pain in my lower back and right leg. Now I can go fishing in a boat, walk upstairs and walk 2 to 3 miles per day and have no pain. Thanks Dr. Francis!

Dorothy L. Smith
I thank the good Lord for Dr. Francis. I am very pleased with the outcome of my back surgery. I have talked about Dr. Francis to anyone who has asked me about who did my back surgery. He did a beautiful job on my hips and back. I can walk around the track now. I would recommend Dr. Francis to do your back surgery if it’s needed. Dr. Francis will always be in my heart forever.

I was in excruciating pain in my right shoulder and arm for 6 months. I had tried all of the over-the-counter meds on the shelf. I was seen by Dr. Francis and he ordered a MRI which showed that I had a fractured neck in C-5 – C-6 vertebrae. He took me into surgery the next morning. When I came out of surgery the pain in my right shoulder and arm was gone. I had pain only at the surgery site. Dr. Francis is a great doctor. He solved my problems, has gotten me back to work and able to provide for my family without complaints or problems. Foundation Surgical Hospital treated my family and I very well. I would recommend Dr. Francis to everyone that I know that needs to see a surgeon!! Dr. Francis is God sent!!!

Jimmy Douglas
I had severe leg pain in my right leg; had surgery on Friday morning August 13, 2010 and by 2:30 in the afternoon that same day I was up and walking around the hospital hallways. The pain in my right leg was gone. My recovery at home has been great. I feel wonderful and I am 110% better.

Frances Greene
This was my first visit, but since I will have surgery I will be returning for follow up visits afterward. I was nervous before my appointment, but by the end of my visit I am feeling just fine. Everyone here is kind to you. Even though they were all really busy, everyone had a smile and always stopped what they were doing to answer a question and they make you feel like you really mattered. All of the girls were just so nice. What a team!!

Lenora O.
I’ve suffered for over 2 1/2 months with my middle and index finger having tingling, numbness, throbbing and burning sensations. The pain in my fingers were unbearable. I underwent surgery on July 14, 2010 by another surgeon. However, this surgery did not correct my problem. I was still in much pain. It was on July 27, 2010 when I learned about Dr. Francis and his wonderful staff. Dr. Francis agreed to evaluate me the same day that I called in for an appointment. It was this day that changed my life; I knew that I had come to the right doctor. Dr. Francis was truly God sent. Dr. Francis was very knowledgeable. He educated me on my condition, which made my confidence level in his ability to treat me extremely high. Dr. Francis performed surgery on me the following day after evaluating me. Again, after being in so much pain and I had just underwent surgery two weeks prior, he made me feel very relaxed and assured. Today I am pain-free – Thank you God for giving Dr. Francis the gift of making patients feel better.

Mark Seaman
Lower Lumbar Fusion Surgery This was the best thing I have ever done. I suffered with chronic back pain for over 20 years. Being in the Army, they didn’t really do anything for me except prescribe Motrin. I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease in 1997, and still nothing was done. I retired from the Army in 2004 and moved to Houston in 2009. My PCP (primary care physician) recommended Dr. Richard Francis for my back troubles and after a series of exams I underwent Lower Lumbar Fusion Surgery. I am now pain-free for the first time in decades. Dr. Francis and his staff are very caring and I highly recommend him as a spine specialist and surgeon.

David Summerlin
I find Dr. Francis is very good at what he does. I recommend him to everyone. He is up front and straight to the point and also has a very caring staff.   From my wife- I appreciate the kindness of Dr. Francis and his staff. They are very caring and polite people and the friendly atmosphere helps when you are in pain and discomfort. Dr. Francis did a great job with my husband’s surgery and in explaining the procedure and care for my husband after the surgery.  

Pamela Hoose
After a failed back surgery a year and a half ago, Richard Francis did surgery on me and got me back to work within a month, whereas the failed surgery had me out of work for four months, from which I never fully recovered until seeing Dr. Francis.  

Kelli Wendel
Dr. Francis changed my life doing surgery. I was in so much pain before my surgery and now, after my surgery, I have no more pain. I have not had to use a walker to walk and I have been able to walk straight and sit up straight! Dr. Francis is a miracle worker. If anyone has a back problem, Dr. Francis is the doctor to see. He is a miracle worker and if I ever have another back problem, I would come back to see him again.

Esperanza Sotelo
I am able to do more after surgery than before, including simple tasks such as crossing my legs.

Joseph Y.
I struggled with low back & leg pain for 10 months while seeing 4 other doctors that could not find a solution.  On my first visit with Dr. Francis he identified the problem and performed surgery only as the second option.  I walked out of the hospital the day after surgery, pain free.  Dr. Francis and his staff have been a blessing to me!  I have never experienced such service in the healthcare system before.  We have referred a family friend already.  

Teresa K. Long
Without Dr. Francis, the quality of my life would not be what it is today. Before my procedure, I was bed-ridden and incapable of performing even the most routine of daily activities. Numbness in my toes and pain in my back and legs kept me from walking. Dr. Francis quickly diagnosed my condition and worked me into his busy schedule.

Tina Golemi
I had a ruptured disc and while I know that is minor as far as back injuries go, to me it was MAJOR. Dr. Francis never made me feel insignificant. I had expected impersonal service since he is a “specialist, but I am happy to report just the opposite. Dr. Francis is kind and compassionate, and his staff is as well. I hope I never need back surgery again, but if I do, I know where I’ll go for treatment!

Wendy Suciu
I was so happily surprised at how well I feel. Dr. Francis gave me my life back. He and his staff have been so wonderful, starting from when I first saw the doctor through the surgery and all my follow-ups.

Kimberly Hood
I first met Dr. Francis in July of 2004. I knew within minutes of talking to him that I had found the right spine surgeon. I had two previous surgeons and will no longer let anyone else touch my spine. I know I am in the hands of the BEST spine surgeon around.   I had an anterior/posterior lumbar fusion in August of 2004. I will never forget my sister telling me that, after waiting at the hospital all day, Dr. Francis came out and said he had finished the posterior fusion but stopped due to the length of the surgery. He explained that he would finish the anterior fusion in a few days. My sister started crying and Dr. Francis asked her why. She said, “I don’t’ want to tell her that you couldn’t finish the surgery today.” Dr. Francis told her that I was in his hands and that HE would talk to me. Sure enough, he came to talk to me. As I cried, he held my hand and told me that everything would be fine and that he would take care of me. Like he said, he was there every step of the way.   I just had all the hardware removed, and I am happy to say I haven’t felt this good in 15 years! Thanks to Dr. Francis for all his hard work. I am so happy to be in the hands of Dr. Francis and Spine Associates. You truly are the BEST!! You will always and forever be in my heart!! Thank you so much!!

Donald Bran
Prior to my surgery, I was in constant pain. Almost not being able to walk. The morning after, I was up and walking as if nothing was ever wrong. He’s the man!

Lisa Tirado
Prior to my surgery I was unable to complete normal daily activities such as sitting at my desk to walking in the park with my children, doing laundry, etc. Today, seven months later, I am walking a mile and a half with my kids three times a week in 20 minutes – pain free! This disc replacement surgery gave me my life back. Thank you Dr. Francis.

Catherine Martinez
Prior to being referred to Dr. Francis, I felt as if my life as I formerly knew it was over. I had been very active, but had become virtually bedridden due to my severe low back pain and leg weakness. When I did walk, it was with a cane and not for a long distance. The disc replacement surgery has freed me from constant pain and I feel renewed. I have returned to work as a high school teacher, wife and mother and once again enjoy long walks with my dog, Vegas. I thank God for bringing Dr. Francis to me.

Cynthia Thompson
Amazing!  This was a life changing surgery for me, as I was unable to function.  Dr. Francis helped me greatly from start to finish.  I am forever indebted to him.

Charles Taylor
When I first came in I could not function for the most part.  Walking, standing and sitting were all painful.  Dr. Francis was sharp and honest with his recommendation of surgery.  After weeks of pain, I didn’t know just how great ‘normal’ could feel. The staff, along with Dr. Francis, helped me and my family be able to understand and deal with my condition, my surgery, and my recovery.  I feel great!  I can pick up my son again and walk with him.  He learned to walk while I was injured.  How do I say thank you for helping me walk with my son?  Thank you – Thank you – Thank you.

Earnestine M
Before I visited Dr. Francis, I suffered pain, spasms and twitching in my back and left leg for four years.  I was constantly getting injections and denials that there was not any problems with my back and legs.  My primary care doctor was very concerned with the constant injections and the constant pain I continued to experience until he told me he was sending me to see Dr. Francis.  Dr. Francis recognized the problem, I have had the surgery and I feel so much better.  He and his staff have been a blessing and a God sent to me.  Thank you Dr. Francis and staff.  May God continue to bless you.

Wade Williamson
Dr. Francis operated on me on July 3, 2009 to replace a vertebrae in my neck and he did an excellent job.  I no longer have pain or numbness in my left arm and I can now make a fist.  I would highly recommend Dr. Francis to anyone!

Amy Hickman
Before my surgery, I was in constant pain both physical and mental. I could no longer be a normal 13 year old. I had breathing problems, heart burn and was constantly falling and tripping from being off balance and had to deal with the continuous humiliation of people asking what’s wrong with my back and how it looks weird. I would like to let everyone know that even 3 years later I’m doing great! I’m now 17 and in the 11th grade. I’m a cheerleader, softball player and dancer at my school.  

Clarence Lane
On July 26, 2004, I suffered a catastrophic accident whereby I technically was killed & died.  My spinal cord was broken, dislocated and discs were crushed.  That same evening this doctor walked in and said, “Hi, I am Richard Francis and I will be your surgeon”.  This, to me, was a blessing from God.  I did not know nor had ever heard of Dr. Francis.  His skills and knowledge were unbelievable.  I thank Dr. Francis for my recovery and pray that God will watch over and take care of this man because he is a blessing to mankind.  God be with him and his family always.

Arthur Davis
Prior to surgery I was in excruciating pain in my right leg.  Within one week I was off of most of my pain medication and I am now, after three weeks, off of all pain medication.

Rae Knupple
Since my husband came to see Dr. Francis, things went good from the beginning.  He had broken his neck 20 years ago and started having tremendous pain and numbness throughout both arms.  After Dr. Francis finished his surgery, my husband felt a big difference almost immediately.  He is a whole new person and can now enjoy the things that he was not able to do before the surgery.  I am very grateful for Dr. Francis and his staff and refer them to anyone.

Kathlena Mailloux
Dr. Francis is the first surgeon in 20 years that has given me any hope/chance of being pain free.  Other surgeons had “written me off” as a patient whom they did not want to do surgery on.  Dr. Francis, with the new technique of titanium pinwork on the spine, I believe will give many “written off” patients another chance of enjoying their lives.  I’m glad to know him.

Mark Fontenot
Great job.  I feel much better now.  Great doctor and staff.

Alice Kimball
I, Alice Kimball, got hurt back in May of 2006.  It took me about 2 1/2 years to get the surgery – but I got sent to a Dr. Richard Francis and that was the answer to my prayer.  They were so good to me and did all any staff and doctor could and should do for their patients and I thank God and Dr. Francis for it all.  So I would say to anyone that might need surgery to have faith in God and Dr. Francis.

John Miller
Dr. Francis and his staff at the Beaumont office and at Foundation in Houston, TX are superb and we couldn’t be more pleased. Also to Kim – Thank you for all of your help!

Connie Wilson
I feel like new after my surgery performed by Dr. Francis.  When I found out that I had problems with my neck Dr. Francis did everything he could to make it better ASAP.  The staff is wonderful and the hospital he used, HOSH, is the best.  Other doctor’s offices and hospitals should pattern themselves after this practice. Thank you Dr. Francis & staff.

Cynthia R. Font
I have spent the last eight years of my life in chronic severe pain.  All of the doctors I had seen before Dr. Francis, in regards to my back pain, have told me that nothing could be done for me and surgery was not an option for me.  One doctor in the past actually told me that my problem was that I had no tolerance for pain!  When I finally met Dr. Francis and became his patient, it was a Godsend.  He found that I did have very serious spinal (lumbar) problems and had been suffering too much pain for too long.  He did my lumbar fusion surgery and I no longer have chronic pain everyday and night controlling my life.  Dr. Francis has given back to me a more active life without daily pain.  I am now able to do things that I have not been able to do for 10 years!  I thank God for bringing me to Dr. Francis.

Donald R.
Excellent process from surgery to healing.  I had minimal pain or discomfort after surgery and physical therapy.  I would recommend anyone with the same problems that I had for this procedure.

Manuel Martinez
Hospital experience was great.  Dr. Francis is a great surgeon and the surgery went very well.  No pain and everything healed up well.

Helen Latil
You cannot beat Dr. Richard Francis.  He is the best – he is the only back doctor that helped me get well.  He cares about you and how you feel.  He is a very special doctor in my life and always will be my back doctor.  I trust him.  I tell people about how wonderful he is.  He is #1 in my book.  He takes time for his patient’s.  He’s not “in and out”. Dr. Richard Francis is the best!

Michael D
I had been seeing a chiropractor for years for a nagging shoulder pain, caused by a deteriorating disk and arthritis. He did what he could but the shoulder pain grew worse. I was then referred to Dr. Richard Francis of Spine Associates for consultation. He explained to me that I needed surgery to remove a bulging disc and fuse C4 & C5.  This would relieve the now severe pain I was coping with in the right shoulder area.  He and his staff explained the procedure and what would be involved; removal of the disc and bone graft to fuse the two vertebrae together. The procedure was scheduled.  Three weeks later I had the surgery and a day later I was released to home and completed a 6-week therapy session.  I am now pain free. Dr. Francis and his staff are dedicated professionals on a mission to allow their patient’s to be pain free.  They are caring and sincere.  You are not treated as an account or a number; you are treated as a person.  I would highly recommend anyone living with spinal issues to visit with Dr. Francis and his staff to see if he can do for you what he did for me.

Francisco Schwartau (el Viejo Paco)
To Public Opinion: On different occasions I have criticized and complained about the Health System in the U.S. because of the poor attention I have received in certain Hospitals and Clinics which I have had to attend because of different health problems.  This time, I would like to extend my most sincere thanks and my recognition to Dr. BARBARA BARNETT, DO of Nova Medical Centers and to Dr. RICHARD FRANCIS, MD of Foundation Surgical Hospital, both in Houston, Texas for their excellent attention, professional and human, that I received while being treated for injuries which I suffered in an accident in May of this year. As we say in Mexico, “Honor to whom deserves honor”, and on this occasion this phrase goes to Dr. BARNETT and Dr. FRANCIS.  Their work was not good, it was superb. I want to make this public as I say “Thanks”, a thousand “Thanks” to them for their attention.  And I wish that every time I had to write a letter to our authorities, organizations, companies, associations, etc. they would all be like this one, in which I express my gratitude and satisfaction, and not criticizing or complaining about bad quality, or poor service attention, which on other occasions I have done. To all of my fellow companions in Press, Radio, and Television, as well as to my friends, and the public in general I suggest that we have to learn to recognize and appreciate what others do for us and not only criticize and complain about the bad things. Thank you DR. BARNETT and DR. FRANCIS!

Ashley Brown
When I came to Dr. Francis, spine surgeon, I was walking sideways.  I could not sleep, bend, and get dressed on my own.  I was miserable.  I saw Dr. Francis on a Saturday and a week later he cured me.  I am now 6 weeks post-op and this is the first time in 2 to 3 years I have been pain free.  I woke up after surgery and it was a miracle.  I have had this problem for years.  I’ve been to 5 different doctors for my back problem and Dr. Francis was the only one of them who actually helped me.  His office staff is great and I will always remember him for his wonderful kindness!!

Lisa Odalen
After 2 months of pain and suffering not knowing the cause, I visited Dr. Francis who was referred to me by my general doctor.  Dr. Francis was able to diagnose my condition, explain my treatment, which included laminectomy and discectomy surgery and literally stopped my pain and symptoms almost immediately after surgery.  My recovery has been amazing and I am back to my normal, active lifestyle.  I highly recommend Dr. Francis and his team to anyone dealing with back pain.

Leann Stavinoha
I have had problems with my neck for 6 years and had two operations in the past.  I never felt any relief.  My pain management doctor recommended me to Dr. Francis.  I knew from the moment I met Dr. Francis that I had finally found the right doctor.  I had surgery and was up and feeling better in three days.  I am now a week out of surgery and I feel better than I have felt in 6 years.  Dr. Francis is truly a blessing.

Theresa Standley
I have never been to a doctor’s office and treated with the respect and kindness I have been shown here.  Everyone is so helpful.  They do their job with a warm inviting smile and they are more than willing to answer your questions.  Dr. Francis spends quality time with you and shows you exactly what he is talking about.  The ENTIRE STAFF and Dr. Francis treat you like a person and not just a dollar coming in.  This is one place I would recommend to anyone who wants the best quality care.  I LOVE YOU ALL!  Thank you!!!!

Clyde Holland
There were three doctors in Houston, Texas that operated on me and could not fix the problem in my spine.  I was in a wheel chair when I met Dr. Francis.  On January 16th of 2009 he did the surgery. After about two weeks I was totally pain free.  Before the surgery both of my legs were burning and very painful.  I am very happy with Dr. Francis.  Thank God he is here to help.

Tom Worry
For over 9 months my pain exceeded 6 on the pain scale.  I remained apprehensive about back surgery.  Three months ago Dr. Francis performed a lumbar fusion in my L4-L5, L5-S1 region using the 360° anterior & posterior approach.  Although the surgery was invasive and took a few weeks to recover from, the results were even better than we expected.  I have no pain in my back, legs or between my shoulders.  With the help of physical therapy, my mobility has returned, my strength is improving daily and I anticipate a full recovery within the next few months.  I am already performing a few chores around the ranch and I look forward to playing golf “pain free”.

James Thomas
I am so pleased with the results of my surgery.  This is the first time I have been pain-free in years.  Dr. Francis and his staff are the greatest.  The Foundation Surgical Hospital and staff are very professional yet they make you feel like family.  I wish I had known about Dr. Francis a long time ago.

Dr. Francis, I just wanted you to know how much I mean it when I tell you that you have given me my life back since you performed my surgery.  Prior to that, there were many days I did not want to go on with the pain.  My life sucked and I had not enjoyed life in years.  My husband suffered along with me as it affected our daily life. You are a gifted, special man and surgeon.  One who has the gift of being a healer.  You listen to the patient and already have in your mind what the problem is before you even review diagnostic testing.  This is a very special gift and I hope you know in your heart that you have it.  Use it wisely and I know that you will continue to change many other lives such as mine. As you already know, I had seen multiple surgeons asking for help.  I was turned away at each door feeling like I was either a drug seeker or God knows what else.  I knew in my soul that you were the right person to do my surgery.  I was not afraid the day of surgery as I knew you would take care of me.  You have. I am so grateful that you did my surgery.  I know you had to have struggled making the decision to be my surgeon since we work together professionally and we are friends.  It must have been hard on you to become the doctor and me the patient.  I want you to know, I thank you with everything I have for making that decision. Thank you seems like it is only a small thing I can say to the man who listened to me and did what he could to help.  But in our culture those are the words we have so, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  Without you, I am not sure where I would be at this time.

After dealing with lower back pain for 10 years and doing all of the noninvasive therapy what a blessing it was to find Dr.. Francis. No more pain medication, I’m able to sleep well in my bed and I am able to stand for long periods of time. It is so wonderful to feel so good 3 months after my operation. I have my life back.

Emma Simon
LaToya was very helpful and considerate in regards to my situation and difficulty with the workman’s comp system. On my visit with Dr. Chaudhry for my facet joint injections, I was able to talk to LaToya about the request for an appeal for Texas Mutual Workman’s Comp and DWC. I knew that an appeal should have been filed within 15 days and this could have really helped as I proceeded with my care. LaToya took the time to listen to my complaints and requests instead of being defensive and interrupting my questions. I have always been treated well when I have any concerns regarding insurance matters and questions that I need answered in order to proceed with my injections. LaToya is a very nice and considerate young lady in the Insurance Department.

Jane Doe (patient requested we not use her name)
It has been 8 days since my surgery and I feel much better.  The pain is gone from my left leg.  I appreciate the quick response Dr. Francis gave my case.  He quickly found the problem and operated on my back and now I’m on the road to recovery.  Thank you Dr. Francis and staff!

Tracy R. Morgan
After having surgery for a herniated disc, I feel much better. The pain that I was having in my left leg is gone and I am no longer walking with a limp. Hopefully, I will be returning to work sooner than expected. Everyone at Spine Associates, both in Beaumont and in Houston, were very friendly and professional.

Angela Bolton
When I came to Dr. Francis, I was in terrible pain and not able to function. After surgery, I am doing great. The staff is fabulous. From the beginning, Dana was kind, compassionate and very efficient in caring for me. Dr. Francis took the time to find the problems and fix them. I so appreciate the care that I received from Spine Associates. My life is back!

Deborah F.
I recommend Dr. Francis and his staff to anyone experiencing pain and loss of enjoyment to the pain. His professional, direct and thorough care is TOP NOTCH and I could not be more pleased with the results of the cervical fusion that was done in 2009. No one believes that I had this type of surgery, which speaks highly of his ability as a surgeon.

John Victorian
Spine specialist, Dr. Richard Francis, treated me for my back pain. I have been to many hospitals and never have I been treated as well as Dr. Francis, his staff and the staff at Houston Orthopedic and Spine Hospital treated me. My surgery was a success. I am pain free and well on my way to a full recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Francis for any problems you are having with your back. Thanks to him and his team, for the first time in a year, I am pain free.

Rowena Mitosinka
I am ecstatic at the difference in how I feel since having surgery on my lower back. I am so glad that I made the decision to have the surgery. I also appreciate that Dr. Francis and his staff took the time to answer my questions and quickly addressed any concerns that I may have had. THANK YOU!

Myrna T
I didn’t realize how bad my back really was until after the lumbar fusion surgery. Dr. Francis and his staff were so professional and caring that I didn’t hesitate to allow having the surgery and it was such an easy decision. I knew I would be fine and I truly am. I’m now active and pain-free and it’s only been 4 months. Thank you, Dr. Francis!

Anna M. Brown
I was very impressed with Dr. Francis’ professionalism and ability to pinpoint my problem. The staff was warm and friendly and eager to assist me.

Ashley Tassin (scoliosis)
Thank you so much Dr. Francis!  I really appreciate everything that you did for me!  Thank you!

Cortnei Purnell (Scoliosis)
One week prior to my freshman year of high school, I had back surgery for scoliosis.  Dr. Francis assured me that the surgery would go well and that it was a good possibility that I could play basketball for that season.  I am pleased to report that my surgery with a scar that is not as noticeable as I thought it would be and I actually came out of surgery 2 1/2 inches taller!  Not only did God allow me to resume my normal life 7 days after using Dr. Francis, but he further blessed me with making the basketball team and leading our freshman girls in scoring and average of 14 points per game.  Thank you Dr. Francis.

Sheila Gabriel
After 5 years of being in extreme back and neck pain, Dr. Francis was the first and only of many doctors who gave me hope that a life without pain would be possible.  Many other doctors, told me before seeing Dr. Francis, “that I would just have to deal with my pain and that pain management was my only option for the rest of my life”.  Dr. Francis fixed my scoliosis and herniated discs in my back soon after seeing him for a consult and I feel like a new person.  My spine is now straight and my neck pain is gone.

Cynthia T.
After the surgery I instantly felt better. The pain in my back and leg were both gone! I just have to keep reminding myself that I just had surgery and I have to take things slow!!

Joyce E.
After dealing with lower back pain for 10 years and doing all of the non-invasive therapy, what a blessing it was to find Dr. Francis. No more pain meds, I’m sleeping well in my own bed and I’m able to stand for long periods of time. It is so wonderful to feel so good and it’s only been 3 months since my surgery. I have my life back.


Zanders Pace
I’m very happy and Dr. Francis did a great job. I could not stand upright without pain in my lower back before surgery. Since the revision surgery, I am able to walk upright and lay flat on my back.  

Anne N. Barthlow
After literally years of debilitating pain and “5” previous back surgeries, I was absolutely blessed to find Dr. Richard Francis!  I had given up so much of my life due to pain that it became a struggle to keep going each day. I was seen very quickly and on a Saturday no less! He was very patient and kind and didn’t speak impatiently to me or hurriedly. He took time and explained what was needed and assured me that he could help me. I left his office that day with a peaceful hope and excitement. Can you imagine “Excitement”? I felt like I could see my life being restored from this upcoming surgery! It was no small surgery, but I still felt a tremendous peace and confidence. My surgery was a total success! By the morning of the second day, I was up and walking and on my way. The hospital and staff were of equal caliber. I improve daily and I am looking forward to this new life, free of pain and so many limitations. I thank God for placing the desire, skills and most of all, the dedication in Dr. Francis, which he shares with all of his patients. Dr. Francis, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are one in a million.

Chris Quest, Sr.
To My Life Long Friends.  It has been close to two years, and I am still praising and raving about the work rendered by Dr. Richard Francis and the Spine Associates staff. Upon leaving New Orleans I sought out treatment from three different physicians to treat the problems I had with my back after two previous back operations. I was unable to find anyone to offer me any comfort; one physician even claimed the damage to my back was too substantial. I was in excruciating pain.

One Sunday, my wife and I decided to visit the church of a friend looking for comfort for my pain. Upon entering the building I witnessed a man who was bent over and in pain. I was drawn to this person and we started discussing our mutual troubles. The gentleman told me about Dr. Francis. He said that he was going to see him the following week. He told me about his upstanding reputation, wonderful work and how to find him. I went home from church that day, still in pain, and decided that I would contact this doctor on the following day. Monday morning, I called the office and was given an appointment to be seen within a few days. That call was one of the best things that I have done relating to my back issues.

Priscilla and I went to the appointment and we were overwhelmed by the concern and patience shown to us by Dr. Francis and his entire staff. From the very first visit he showed us so much compassion for the pain that had endured over the years. Dr. Francis showed my wife and I several skeletal models describing in detail the problems that existed in my spine, my left leg and my tailbone. He went on to explain how he could correct the problem with a procedure called a spinal fusion.

Dr. Francis is truly a God sent man. He listens, he understands, and has a way of making you believe that he feels your pain. I have never visited the clinic and found him rushing; he always makes time for patients and to answer all of your questions no matter how long it takes. After my surgery, while in the hospital, I experienced a problem and asked for him. He came without hesitation. He put all my fears to rest when he came to see me and then explained to my family what the problems were and assured them there was no reason to be alarmed. He sat down on the bed and made sure I was comfortable. He took his time to put us all at ease each and every time we called or saw him.

Dr. Francis promised that I would return to the everyday things that I was accustomed to doing pain-free in less than one year. He was right. In less than two months I was up and walking one mile per day. I returned to doing the things that I had been unable to do such as playing with my grandson; taking my granddaughter on her bi-weekly shopping spree.

I have seen my share of doctors and could not believe the loving care and respect my family and I received from Dr. Francis and his staff. Dr. Francis made me a promise and he delivered. After my experience, I would never trust anyone else with the care of my back after thirty years of suffering. My family and I love and genuinely appreciate Dr. Francis and the life that I have been able to return to.

May God continue to bless and keep you and your team in his mercy.

Leonard Snyder
I came to see Dr. Francis with a history of spine problems. I had three previous surgeries and fusion of L1-L5 with another doctor. At the time I visited Dr. Francis, my quality of life and enjoyment was nil. After Dr. Francis did the fusion of L5 and S1, I am at least 90% improved. I will and do recommend Dr. Francis to anyone I meet with spine problems. I would certainly return should I have future needs.

Shannon Aldridge
I cannot explain in words how wonderful Dr. Francis and his staff have been to me. I started with a small backache and it continued to get worse. I saw Dr. Francis a few months later and he explained the options. I tried physical therapy and steroid injections; the next step was surgery. I could hardly walk when I decided to have the disc replaced in my lumbar spine. Since surgery, I have done remarkably well. The pain is gone and Dr. Francis has worked a miracle! My life is back to normal after only 10 days after surgery. Thank you so much Dr. Francis.

Valerie Sabol
I was in a car accident in March of 2008. Dr. Francis explained all options about my neck injury. I chose to listen to his advise which was to wait for my neck to heal on it’s own. I was glad to find out that he wasn’t a specialist that threw you into surgery. He believes in your body being able to heal on its own. Unfortunately, my neck did not heal and I had to have a fusion on C4/5 and C5/6. The surgery went well and I am thankful for the great care provided by Dr. Francis and his staff.

Patty Magallan Pena
I am no longer in severe pain. I was in so much pain I would leave work crying every single day I could not walk the track and at work I would have to find a chair so I could sit a minute and proceed. I am now pain free!!

Claudia Davis
From an excruciating , screaming pain and a near complete disability to a pain free life, my husband’s condition today is not far from a miracle. Dr. Richard Francis, an exceptionally gifted doctor who has granted my husband his normal life back, performed this miracle.

My husband had a decompression back surgery performed by Curaspine in November 2015. After this surgery, his pain was not improving at all — on the contrary it was worsening day by day. The doctor who performed this surgery recommended a steroid cortisone injection , performed without any results while the pain severely continued to increase. My husband was confined to a bed, lying on his back, the only position that would allow some pain relief. Curaspine suggested the heat procedure to be performed next but we completely lost faith after two previously failed procedures . I have requested a discussion on the phone with the Curaspine doctor but he refused to return my call. While my husband could not move even to go to the restroom I was very worried, disappointed , frustrated and enraged by Curaspine’s incompetence and lack of consideration.

I started searching the internet and by the grace of God we found Dr. Richard Francis. When I called his office I was very emotional and scared because I did not know what was going to happen to my husband who was screaming in pain attempting to turn his body in bed. Marsha, one of his office assistants answered the phone and she arranged an appointment for the very next day. That very next day Dr. Francis evaluated my husband’s condition and ordered all of the necessary tests and procedures that were done right there in the same day. All of his staff was so amazingly helpful! Jodie, another office assistant was just so great! It was a long day beginning at 6 am but by 7 pm we knew that my husband needed a one level spine fusion surgery.

Dr. Francis performed a spine fusion surgery by the end of December and only three weeks after this major surgery, my husband’s life is back to normal, pain free! Amazing! Thank you, Richard Francis, we will forever be grateful and will never forget you and the precious gift of life you have given to my husband! You are an amazing doctor! God bless you!

Stacy Ingram
Dr. Francis is the most expert physician I have been to in orthopedic surgery. In the 1990s I had 3 back surgeries with some success. In 2012 with no prior warning my back gave out. I developed severe drop foot on the left foot and the worse back pain ever. My best friend goes to Dr. Francis and she said call. I got the next available appointment. When I got there he was courteous and showed compassion for my condition. He said all the old surgeries had buckled and failed. In May 2012 I had a 360 back surgery. It is a very long surgery but I had it and walked on my walker in the hospital the pain was gone. After 6 months of rehabilitation and therapy I was able to return to work. So when neck problems started late last year. I called Dr. Francis again. I have had 2 have 2 surgeries this year to fix my neck but I am on way back to work soon. I recommend him highly. He has given me my quality of life back. I will always be grateful. Special thanks to Lance and Erica PT and your office staff.

Tim McNeely
Dr. Francis and his staff are very professional and personable. Everyone from the doctor all the way to the billing staff are willing to talk to you and most importantly listen. The most important thing is Dr. Francis diagnosed and fixed my back, no pain in the back, legs or feet. The staff have answered or gotten answers for me every time nurses, assistants, and office staff. The billing department had an issue with my insurance and I would have never known if I hadn’t called for a copy for my files. (I asked at my appointment yesterday and that’s fixed) I also would like to thank this staff because they also repaired my mothers back three years ago, after other surgeons tried Dr. Francis succeeded and now after fifteen years of pain she’s pain free. Thank you and your staff, from the McNeely family.

Brian Hairbottle
Dr. Frances gave me my life back… where I had lost feeling in both legs and feet for the best part of 18 years, and then both giving in.. he repaired my lower spine where I now have full feeling and actually feel every little breeze and sensation… then 2 months later did the same in my neck and restored full feeling and use to both arms and both hands.. where I was pretty much down to thumb and index finger on each hand…

Dr. Frances is a miracle and is the finest surgeon who really cares for and about his patients.. I would recommend him to anyone who has any back problems.. .. he saved me from quite likely ending up a quadriplegic… I owe him my life… thank you Dr. Frances.. I will forever be in your debt…

Stephanie Elliot Rokyta
I owe Dr. Francis everything cause the day I came in I was in severe pain & no feeling in my right side of my lower body from hip down. I have 4 kids to care for & couldn’t. Everyone I had spoke to said you don’t want surgery. Just keep doing physical therapy & meds. Needless to say Dr. Francis was straight to the point, honest, & I’m pain free today. Best decision I did, I appreciate Dr. Francis & his staff for getting me back on track. The office & Dr. Francis are very professional, accommodating & respectful to their patients. I recommend & send everyone I know that are having problems. It’s been 1 1/2yr since my surgery, still going strong. :))

Ron Pearson
A very good Dr. with good bedside manners. Very thorough and takes time to explain procedures to you. I highly recommend him.

Christy Baggett
I had double fusion by this man… He and his staff are AWESOME, Highly recommend him!

Chris Fogal
I was dealing with lower lumbar back pain for approximately two (2) years. Gradually the pain got worse along with stinging pain down the back of my right leg. In November of 2013 I had an MRI done which revealed two herniated discs L4-L5 and L5-S1. Physical therapy and injections helped temporarily but the pain returned even worse. After going to a specialist in Austin who didn’t want to operate because of my age, I continued to deal with the pain for an additional 6 months. Finally in November of 2014 a co-worker told my wife about Dr. Francis in Houston who praised Dr. Francis and his methods for diagnosing his wife’s pain. In December I saw Dr. Francis for the first time and in the same day I was seen, had an MRI done, along with a nerve study and saw Dr. Francis a second time all before lunch. Dr. Francis made it clear surgery was the only option and a safe option at that. On December 19, 2014 I arrived at the hospital early in the morning and was released by lunch. After the pain meds wore off I noticed discomfort from the surgical incision, but to my surprise my back pain was gone along with the pain in my right leg. My wife has been great this last week changing my bandages twice a day and helping me dress. You will need to take that into account before having back surgery. (Having a second set of hands to help with recovery, bandages, and dressing.) It has now been eleven days and I feel great. I just finished my follow-up and although I am not supposed to bend or lift objects yet I feel like I could if I have to. Physical therapy is next up but that should be a breeze. I would highly recommend Dr. Francis to anyone considering surgery or options for back pain.

Michael Collier
I had a herniated disk pressing on the sciatic nerve going down the right leg. The pain came from multiple points from the hip to the toes any time I was sitting or standing. Pain medication had little effect. I had a MRI done and was able to get an appointment scheduled within two weeks of the call. Dr. Francis came into the waiting area and introduced himself while I was in the waiting area. Within 30 minutes of arrival I was escorted to a examining room by friendly and courteous staff. My basic medical history was taken and then Dr. Francis entered and had the staff read the medical history. Clarification and questions were asked by the staff and my family. Dr. Francis then took us to review the MRI and explained the MRI in detail. He pointed out the herniated disk and explained what had to be done. He also explained how long it would take. Any questions about other disks were answered. There was no pressure to have this surgery. Once I agreed to surgery, I was put through a surgery review, which included an EKG with involvement of a cardiologist. I my case the EKG was questionable so I was put through a nuclear stress test and echocardiogram before I was cleared for surgery. I was scheduled for within 4 days of clearance. My surgery and release was around Three hours. Other than the minor sting of knowing that I had an incision, I experienced no pain. My only sensation that remained after surgery was a slight numbness on the bottom of my foot. This appears to be getting better the more I walk and I was able to get up and walk to the car after surgery. Within 24hrs of surgery I was walking around the house for more than 30 minutes without pain. I am completely pleased with the whole process. The staff were helpful with the medical and insurance questions. The only area of frustration or concern was the fitting of the back brace to be worn after surgery. We thought the staff would fit the hardback piece and they expected us to fit it. This meant we molded the plastic back piece to a back that had just gone through surgery. We were concerned that we would mess up a back that had just been fixed. We got through this minor obstacle. My suggestion is ask for clarification when working with the staff. They are glad to help.

Eric Lipper
Dr. Francis saw me and within a couple of hours had gotten an MRI for me and done all of the X-ray work. He was able to arrange my surgery for a herniated disc within a few days. I had the surgery in the morning and he totally fixed my problem. I feel great. I would go to Dr. Francis anytime.

Sheryl M. Guilbeaux
Dr. Francis is an excellent physician and surgeon. He is extremely professional in his demeanor, yet approachable. He is warm and caring about his patients. I had back surgery on 11/01/2013 and am feeling so much better; I am glad I agreed to have the surgery and most glad Dr. Francis was the surgeon. His patients love him in the Beaumont area. I have a sense of humor and call him the “Super Star Surgeon”. In all sincerity, I would not have wanted anyone else to perform my back surgery and I’m very glad he is in my health insurance company’s network. Kudos to the Beaumont staff members including Christy, Angel, Candace, Renee and the X-ray MRI and CT technicians and Erica, Marcia and Jennifer in the Medical and Billing Offices, in Houston. We would highly recommend Beaumont area patients have an updated GPS/Navigation System to get to the Houston office as well as to the hospital. It’s not difficult to get there, IF you have a great Navigation System, are familiar with Houston, or get excellent directions from a reliable source. Getting around in Houston was a challenge for me and my husband when we did not have either of the tools I mentioned above. Our many thanks, Sheryl Guilbeaux (patient) and Charles Guilbeaux (patient’s spouse).

Michael S. Guthrie
I felt that Dr. Francis was very professional and thorough. I learned of him and his amazing reputation from several other orthopedic surgeons who really were not comfortable doing my spine surgery. He is the only one that does the robotic spine surgery that I needed. They felt that he had the extraordinary talent and experience to help me. It has been about a month since my surgery and I feel better and stronger than I have in over a year and a half. I am so grateful to him and his surgical team for their specialized talent and experience. I know in my heart that when God sent us angels, that one of them is Dr. Francis!

Jill Kunzler
I had evaluations from three surgeons that had been recommended to me by my pain specialist. Dr. Francis put me at ease with his manner. He explained what needed to be done to correct my sacral spine in great detail. He discusses the good and the bad. Needless to say I was worried about all that could go wrong. From tests to registration at the hospital all services went smoothly and all staff were friendly. I had disc removed from T 10 down and rods with screws attached to my pelvis. My pain was well managed after surgery, the staff were super. Pain really was not an issue for me, I did have pain from my bone graft site, but that was positional and would stop when I adjusted position. Living in the brace was not fun, but I have had wonderful results. No more nerve pain in my right leg, no pain in my hips ,back or neck. Three months out and only some soreness. My spine is straight. I’m so thankful for Dr. Francis. He was well worth the sometimes long waits at the office.

Samuel Elizondo
Great surgeon, professional staff, Hospital was second to none. I couldn’t ask for better service. Rehab therapist and Company medical stated I was further along on my healing than others with this kind of surgery. I attribute this to the skill and caliber of surgery performed. Thanks Doc!!!

Mrs. Goins
My husband recently had surgery with Dr. Francis. We were VERY impressed with him, as well as his staff, in Houston and Beaumont. He made us feel comfortable from the minute we met him. Dr. Francis was very thorough in his diagnostic testing and in going over all of the results. We never felt rushed and were well informed of all that was going to happen. The surgery was a success and my husband is doing great. We have recommended Dr. Francis to everyone we know that is having any problems with their back.

Rhiannon Beebe
I suffered with back pain for awhile, my dad got me help when he noticed my back was crooked when I wore a bathing suit and I was always complaining of back pain, we found out about Dr. Francis through my chiropractor. We made an appointment and got right in, he evaluated me and told me I needed surgery there was nothing else that would help, and since I was 18 now would be the perfect time to do it. A week after I graduated high school I was in for surgery I was in surgery and recovery for a total of 11 hours. The hospital staff was awful. but other than that I had a wonderful experience and I have been pain free ever since! I highly recommend Dr. Francis!

Yolanda Daigle
I suffered for 29 years with back pain, the last 15 years were excruciating and I needed help. I saw a number of doctors during these years and not one seemed to want to help me. None of them told me I developed scoliosis due to the damage that was being done from the discs problems. I got Dr. Richard Francis name and made an appointment with him. He took tests to see what damage was done. When my husband and I saw him I asked him, “Can you help me?” He so patiently grabbed my hand and said, “Yes, I can help you.” He explained exactly where the problem was and we scheduled the surgery. He fused L2, L3, L4, L5, S1 and put cages and 2 rods for the scoliosis. The important thing about this is to follow his directions and do your therapy exactly like they tell you. After the surgery and during the therapy I was pain free. When I had my 6-month checkup, I was still pain free. I told him he was God sent and hugged his neck and thanked him for helping me. I can now play with my granddaughters outside and hold my new granddaughter. The hospital we used was absolutely great, if we needed something they were there immediately. Thank you Dr. Francis and Staff for being there for people like me who thought, “Nothing Could Be Done.”

Sharon R.
Dr. Francis was recommended to me by one of his former patients. I’m so glad I listened and made an appt. I found Dr. Francis to be very compassionate to my pain and the importance of my job. My career as a postal letter carrier was in danger and my ability to carry out my duties was my fear. He eased my fear and assured me I would be back on the job in no time at all. I’m 3 months into recovery and pain free. In 4 more weeks I’ll be back on the job. The lower lumbar fusion surgery was just what I needed to get back on my feet. Thank you to Dr. Francis for using the gift that God has given to him!!

Misty W.
I am very pleased with the care that I received from Dr. Francis. I have made a full recovery with his help and from treatment from his highly skilled Physical Therapy Department. My therapist was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and always made me feel comfortable during my appointments. Thank you, Dr. Francis and Spine Associates Staff!

John Doe
Tried alternate forms to relief pain for 3 years to avoid surgery. Realized I needed more and found Dr. Francis through my research. Dr. Francis performed a fusion 53 days ago and I can’t ask for better results. I am very thankful for the surgery despite the though risk everybody faces prior to the procedure. I will highly recommend Dr. Francis if your having back pain.

Richard M.
I was in a life changing car accident in 2002 when a drunk driver ran into the car I was a passenger in. Up until that time I was playing Softball and basketball, hunting and building log homes in Clinton, Montana. I lived in excruciating pain for the next 10 years and could no longer participate in most of the activities I had enjoyed previously. I lost my business, had a failed back surgery, was put on high levels of pain medications and was told by Dr.’s in Missoula, Montana that I had no hope of pain relief. I was told that I could be paralyzed if I had another surgery and no Dr. would touch my case or help me. Finally, in January 2012, my wife and daughter encouraged me to get on an airplane and go to Houston, Texas to look for help. My daughter had a referral to a Dr.; but, when we got to Texas that Dr. couldn’t see me. My pain was unbearable at this point. We found Dr. Richard Francis online. My wife told me he was the Dr. I had to see. I called right away on Monday morning. Dr. Francis said he would see me at 7am the next morning. I only waited about 5 minutes before going back to see a nurse. I answered medical questions, had an x-ray, saw Dr. Francis and was scheduled for surgery within a short time. Dr. Francis saw and explained what was wrong and how he was going to make corrections. I had a surgery within a week at a hospital that was like a 5-star hotel. The care and quality was unlike anything I could imagine. The staff was so kind and happy in all that they did. Not only did I wake up knowing Dr. Francis had fixed my back and had “taken the knife out”, but that I would be medication free as well. Pain free and medication free! I have been told I am a walking miracle. Thank you Dr. Francis and staff for giving me my life back. I am now pain free other than nerve pain in my feet from my past surgery. I have given Dr. Francis’s card to at least 15 people and told them there is hope and help. If you think there is no place to turn, please give yourself a chance at life again and go see Dr. Francis.

L2 – S1 fusion January 2011 by Neurosurgeon. After surgery, I continued to have back and hip pain. In September 2011 I was referred to Dr. Richard Francis in which he determined my pain was in the left SI joint. During the process of various test he also discovered that my previous fusion had failed which also resulted in loose hardware. Dr. Francis performed Left and Right SI joint fusion along with replacement of hardware and 360 fusion. Prior to meeting Dr. Francis I thought my back and hips would never be pain free again. Dr. Francis has visited with me on every visit pre & post surgery. He and his staff has always been professional and worked with me to meet my needs. Thank goodness for Physicians like Dr. Francis.

Cameron Cormier
I am 18 years old and had a Spinal Fusion done in early January by Dr. Francis. Prior to surgery I was in constant pain every day with nothing really taking the edge away. Everything I did on a regular day basis created more pain especially when I was trying to workout. I was referred to Dr. Francis in high remarks. The first thing I noticed a couple days after surgery was that constant pain in my back was completely gone. It’s been a little under 3 months and I feel incredible. I don’t feel any pain whatsoever. I can make 5-hour car ride trips and my back will still feel great. I’ve also been able to start working out during the middle of the 1st month till now and I have yet to feel any pain. I feel 100% better and I highly recommend Dr. Francis to anyone thinking about a major surgery, he’s outstanding. Cameron Cormier Houston, TX

Melissa Machacek
Dr. Francis is extremely knowledgeable & is professional. He knew exactly what needed to be done with my back as soon as he saw the MRI. When I had last minute questions, he met with me the night before my surgery to clarify exactly what he was going to do in the surgery. He has a great bedside manner & genuinely cares about his patients.

Tammy Young
Dr. Francis is the most professional doctor I had the pleasure of working on me. He completely cured my back and leg problem. I would highly recommend him if you are considering spine surgery.. His staff including. Maria, Rachael, Candy, Sonja and Hardin just to name a few I dealt with. The whole process was unbelievable. I am so pleased and I know I would refer any of my family and friends with no question. I am also and operating room nurse and his bedside manner and all around personality far out weighed my expectations. So kudos to all at Dr. Richard Francis’s office. thank you soooo much.

Janet Green
Excellent Surgeon, takes the time out to explain any questions one might have. I have recommended him to another back pain patient.

Lawrence Norris
I had been suffering with back pain for quite some time. I saw Dr. Francis for the first time 3 months ago, he diagnosed my problem, performed surgery and within 3 weeks I was pain free.

I struggled with low back & leg pain for 10 months while seeing 4 other doctors that could not find a solution. On my first visit with Dr. Francis he identified the problem and performed surgery only as the second option. I walked out of the hospital the day after surgery, pain free. Dr. Francis and his staff have been a blessing to me! I have never experienced such service in the healthcare system before. We have referred a family friend already.

Dr. Francis is a lifesaver to say the least.  He performed robotic spine surgery on me and I have gotten stronger every day.  I saw other orthopedic surgeons and they weren’t comfortable in performing surgery on my spine.  They recommended Dr. Francis because of his specialized talents and experience.  I thank God that I found him!!  He always talked straight with me about what needed to be done and how it was going to be done.  I highly recommend him and his surgical team to anyone who needs help with repairing their spine.  He is one of God’s angels!!

Houston RN
As a Registered Nurse, I assumed living with low back pain was a part of the job. Then, I suffered a traumatic MVA about 12 years ago, which only made my symptoms worse, but treatable with conservative measures. During the past 8-10 months, the pain and radiculopathy had progressed but I pushed on. Finally, my PCP referred me to Dr. Francis. Within 2 weeks….TWO WEEKS…I had my initial visit, my MRI/CT results, and my much-needed surgery. My recovery time has been a fraction of what I expected. And, to my surprise, the pain & other symptoms have resolved. I didn’t realize how much pain I was having until it was gone. Although I’m a RN, Dr. Francis explained in great detail his findings, the results of the imaging studies, and the procedure I was to undergo as well as the aspects of recovery. I can’t thank him (and his wonderful staff) enough for making this such an easy decision as well as a successful outcome. I cannot say ‘thank you’ enough.

I first saw Dr. Francis nearly 10 years ago as a third opinion for a discectomy.  I felt so comfortable with him that I wanted to use him back thin for the simple surgery.  However, I found out that he was not on my insurance.

I was in a bad car accident back in May of 2012 and a few days following the accident, I found myself in considerable amounts of pain.  I knew immediately that I would see Dr. Francis.  They were able to schedule me in less than a week and I was taken in for my MRI later that afternoon.  I went for my follow-up a week later and found that I was nearly bone on bone at the L4-5 level.  Knowing how bad it was, he still tried every conservative treatment to try to avoid surgery.  After 3 steroid injections along with 6 weeks of PT, we finally decided that I was going to need a 360 degree 2 level lumbar fusion at the L4-5 and S1 levels.  

He explained in great detail exactly everything that would be done to me during surgery.  When I was admitted into Pre-op the morning of surgery, I was very well taken care of at The Houston Orthopedic and Spine Hospital.  Luckily I wasn’t the least bit nervous about the surgery, so I didn’t require any light sedation in pre-op.  As I was rolled back to the surgical suite, I was amazed by how large the room was and by the immense amount of technology in the OR.  I’m in sports medicine, so I was excited about what I was seeing.  My Anesthesiologist was amazing and explained in detail all the pre-op prep of my body they would be doing.  Asked my numerous times about any questions.  Once I was happy with what little I asked about, I was out like a light and surgery began.  Several hours later, I woke up in my hospital room.  

Dr. Francis visited me later that evening and informed me that my surgery could not have gone any better.  He informed me that in a few hours I would be “forced” out of bed to take a short walk and get my legs moving.  It was especially difficult getting out of bed due to the large incision on the front of my body.  Once up, with several nurses, a PT, and my walker, we took a full lap around the floor and I felt great.  For the next few days while in the hospital, walking was my best friend.

I was put into a back brace to be worn at all times except while in bed.  For three months I wore that and it really did become my safety net.  I was very sure I was always following doctor’s orders.  I was also issued a bone stimulator that I wore for 2 hours a day for 3 months.

Once I started with physical therapy after getting out of the brace, I progressed quickly.  My ROM at the hip where the bone graft was taken was where I had the least range of motion and still had some pain.  That eventually went away and things were great.

I just went in this week for my 5-month follow-up and got the best of news.  I was completely fused!  Dr. Francis said it’s not normal to see a complete fusion until about 6-7 months.

My experience with Dr. Francis was wonderful.  He his a very nice, caring, and understanding doctor who you just can’t go wrong with.  I highly recommend him.  But word to the wise.  If you really WANT to get better, you need to follow his directions to letter of the law.  He just doesn’t tell you to do these things for no good reason.  If you follow his directions, I can’t imagine that you won’t get better.

Jennifer Brooks
Your wait in the waiting room will be well worth it! Once you see Dr. Francis and he determines what is wrong with you, his main goal is to make you feel good again. I went to Dr. Francis after seeing two other doctors who didn’t do much to make me feel better. They kept telling me that surgery ‘might’ be an option and they kept pushing me into a case study that would take 3+ years to benefit from. Dr. Francis immediately recognized what was wrong with me and gave me a decisive plan of action that turned  out brilliantly!

Dr. Francis knows spinal pain from the neck down. The best thing he knows is how to correct it. He listens to his patients, he is accurate with diagnosis, quick with treatment so as you can get back to your quality of life. I would recommend Dr. Francis to anyone having spinal problems. Thanks Dr. Francis.

I received my appointment within a week after calling and was scheduled for surgery within 3 weeks of my first contact.  I am 2 months post-op and have been progressing steadily to my former abilities and activities.  I have had back pain for 30+ years and now have soreness from the Operation only which is subsiding a little bit each week.  It is so wonderful to wake up every morning and know that my back is healing.  I expect to be able to resume golfing and fishing within 6 months from my surgery date.

Joy E.
I had back problems for over 10 years and was to the point of having to sleep in a recliner and live on pain pills.  I had extensive surgery (front & back) 2 years ago & I’m doing really well.  Dr. Francis is a wonderful doctor and I would highly recommend him and have.  There is a long waiting time for appts but well worth the wait.

Rebell Wade
Dr. Francis was wonderful.  I felt comfortable with him right away and trusted him completely.  He came recommended by several friends and he lived up to everything they said and more.  

Melissa Mac
Dr. Francis is the most knowledgeable & professional doctor I’ve ever seen. I would never have let another surgeon do my back surgery. He knows what he’s doing & his staff is great too.

Anthony Papa
Dr. Francis and his staff at the Beaumont facility are absolutely amazing. Their customer service was completely satisfying! Before I made my first appointment I did some research; One of the ladies I work with is friends with the Risk Manager of a Major Hospital and she enlightened me on a few details. First, she said Dr. Francis helps people that had bad surgeries in the past. Second, she asked other doctors and Lawyers to learn about his reputation everyone had the same opinion I have come up with. He is extremely professional, well spoken in explaining your situation, comes up with a strategy that he executes perfectly, and his follow-up is unheard of with doctors. I know everything I have said seems to be great, but the only concern I had was his wait time. I know we are taught to have to wait at doctor’s offices, but that doesn’t mean the wait time is ok. In conclusion, my recommendation will always be Dr. Richard Francis!

Tammy (OR Nurse)
I am an operating room nurse and I was so impressed with DR. Francis and his staff.  They  were professional, friendly and knew what they were doing big time.  He helped me when I could find no one else.  He even fit me into his busy practice to do my surgery the day before Thanksgiving because I was in so much pain.  I am so happy god sent me to him,  I fell better than I have in years and it due to his skill as a surgeon and I have worked with a lot of them. If my family of friends needed any kind of spine surgery I would highly recommend him and his staff.

I’ve been under the care of Dr. Francis for 10 years now.  He is the only spine surgeon that I would ever use. He is courteous. The staff is also courteous and professional. He doesn’t take surgery lightly. Most of his work time he spends in surgery.  As far as I know he has a zero failure track record.

April Polk, RN
I wholeheartedly and without hesitation recommend Dr. Richard Francis to any person in search of a definitive, long-lasting solution for back or neck pain, radiculopathy pain, or parasthesia in a limb as a result of an abnormality in the spine, either congenital or caused by an injury.
I withstood unreasonable pain after I slipped on water and fell. Every aspect of my life was affected. My role of wife and Mother of five drastically changed. My career as an Emergency Room/Trauma Registered Nurse suddenly changed direction from a physically challenging discipline to searching for a career in nursing that would not require engaging my back, neck or arms. Dr. Francis was the 3rd spine surgeon I consulted, but he was the first I felt understood my objective…to live without allowing pain or pain medication the power to limit me. 
Dr. Francis operated on my low back then three months later operated on my neck and I cannot thank him enough. The hospital, Houston Orthopedic and Spine Hospital, or HOSH, exceeded my expectations. 
Every person involved with my surgery introduced themselves to me and my husband in pre-op explaining their role, encouraging questions, then again in my room afterwards. A Physician genuinely devoted to comforting his patients managed my pain effectively. I was discharged with a clear understanding of what to expect and encouraged to contact Dr. Francis for any concerns. I am particularly grateful for Jody, Dr. Francis executive assistant, whose exceptional proficiency and degree of devotion I personally experienced and value.

Rosa Martinez
I was referred to Dr. Francis by my orthopedic doctor. My doctor said that Dr. Francis was the best spine specialist and he is the only surgeon that he refers to for my condition. I had extreme pain in my arm along with constant tingling and numbness. I felt my arm getting weaker and it got to the point that I couldn’t do anything that involved using that arm. I saw Dr. Francis on a Saturday and after he did my exam and looked at my MRI, he explained that I had two very large bulging discs in my cervical spine and because of my symptoms, he explained that I should have surgery as soon as possible. He explained what he was going to do and assured me that this would help me. I had my surgery the following Friday. It’s now been one week since my surgery and the pain, numbness and weakness in my arm is completely gone. I am sore from surgery, but that is getter better each day. I am very happy with my results and I would recommend Dr. Francis and his team to anyone with cervical issues.

Kim Lamberty
Outstanding Surgeon and Staff – I suffered with back pain that literally was “killing me” with every step I took. I was confident that Dr. Francis and his staff could make things better for me. I decided to do the surgery and my husband and I both believe that this was the best decision I’ve ever made. Dr. Francis and his staff attended to my every need with compassion and skill. The surgery was a success. Now, I can walk again, live my life and continue doing the things that I have not been able to do in a long time. Thank you Dr. Francis. Words fall short of my thanks.

Savannah Shipman
Dr. Francis did my scoliosis surgery and I am so happy with the results. I heard he was the best surgeon to go to for scoliosis correction and I am living proof that the statement is true. I had a double major curve that measured 70 degrees at the top and 46 degrees at the bottom of my spine. Before my surgery, I hated how I looked. I always wore sweaters and baggy t-shirts to hide my curve. Since my surgery, I can actually wear dresses, tank tops and even a swim suit without feeling insecure! Recovery was minimal and was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. My surgery was at 6:30 in the morning and I was up and walking that evening. The scar is fading and my dermatologist said that it’s going to be a faint white line by the end of the summer. Dr. Francis knows what he’s doing and his confidence is contagious! He’s a wonderful human being and I’m so glad that he chose to be a spine surgeon. Thank you, thank you thank you to Dr. Francis and his surgery team.

Cassandra Clark
I was in excruciating pain. This was a pain that I could never describe. I made several trips to the ER and visited my general practitioner as well. None of them could figure out what was wrong. My general practitioner referred me to Dr. Francis. He reviewed my MRI and visited with me. He immediately advised me to have surgery (ACDF). I was skeptical, but found myself on his operating table two weeks later. It was the best decision I could have made. Before I went into surgery, Dr. Francis told me, “Don’t worry, I will take good care of you.” I was never so scared in my life, but I trusted him. Now, I can say I’m so thankful that God put this man (Dr. Francis) in my life. I am able to sleep again and perform daily tasks that others take for granted. I would definitely recommend Dr. Francis. He is truly a blessing and works hard to fulfilling the calling that God has placed on his life – Giving his patients a pain free life.

Claudia Davis
From an excruciating, screaming pain and a near complete disability to a pain free life, my husband’s condition today is not far from a miracle. Dr. Richard Francis, an exceptionally gifted doctor who has granted my husband his normal life back, performed this miracle. My husband had a decompression back surgery performed by Curaspine in November 2015. After this surgery, his pain was not improving at all — on the contrary it was worsening day by day. The doctor who performed this surgery recommended a steroid cortisone injection, performed without any results while the pain severely continued to increase. My husband was confined to a bed, lying on his back, the only position that would allow some pain relief. Curaspine suggested the heat procedure to be performed next but we completely lost faith after two previously failed procedures. I have requested a discussion on the phone with the Curaspine doctor but he refused to return my call. While my husband could not move even to go to the restroom I was very worried, disappointed, frustrated and enraged by Curaspine’s incompetence and lack of consideration. I started searching the internet and by the grace of God we found Dr. Richard Francis. When I called his office I was very emotional and scared because I did not know what was going to happen to my husband who was screaming in pain attempting to turn his body in bed. Marsha, one of his office assistants answered the phone and she arranged an appointment for the very next day. That very next day Dr. Francis evaluated my husband’s condition and ordered all of the necessary tests and procedures that were done right there in the same day. All of his staff was so amazingly helpful! Jodie, another office assistant was just so great! It was a long day beginning at 6 am but by 7 pm we knew that my husband needed a one level spine fusion surgery. Dr. Francis performed a spine fusion surgery by the end of December and only three weeks after this major surgery, my husband’s life is back to normal, pain free! Amazing! Thank you, Richard Francis, we will forever be grateful and will never forget you and the precious gift of life you have given to my husband! You are an amazing doctor! God bless you!

Suzanne Campling
After meeting with Dr. Francis for the first time, my husband and I had no doubt that we had found the right spine surgeon. He truly cares for his patients and has their best interest in mind at all times. He is the best and my husband and I highly recommend him.

Maria Lopez
I want to say that I am so pleased ecstatic with my results , Dr. Frances has given me a new lease to do things that , I was not able to . I will be happy to refer him to anyone that has back issues, I was referred to him and I am so happy to have followed through. I can dance and ride my motorcycle again and not fear from falling.

Stanley Kendrick
To start with, I was very pleased that Dr. Francis took my appointment the next day after contacting his office. He evaluated my lower spine and agreed that he could do the necessary procedure on Friday. As much pain that I had been in for two weeks prior, I was ready to do it. Dr. Francis and his staff and office personnel were very professional and an enjoyment to be around. They made me feel very comfortable. We live in Victoria, TX and I would recommend to anyone that it is worth the long drive for Dr. Francis’s services.

Debby Travis – Brazoria, TX  
Dr Francis is one of the most dedicated doctors to restoring your quality of life that you will ever find. I cannot put into words the lengths he will go to make sure that all aspects of your well being is of the highest quality.  It is so easy to put your problem into his amazing care.  The staff members that I dealt with, Jody his personal assistant and Anetria his surgical scheduler, made things very easy.  I would also like to mention Dr. Sterling…he makes sure all aspects of your physical safety are covered before you have surgery.  With Dr. Francis, you cannot find better care for all aspects needed for restoring your spine to the best possible condition.I feel that God sent me to the best!