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Frank Sears - Back in the Saddle

Patient Spotlight on Frank Sears

65 years old
ALIF/PLIF Lumbar Fusion


While Frank Sears was growing up, he was an avid outdoors man. His days were filled with fishing, boating, riding motorcycles, horseback riding, and he worked as a fourth generation carpenter. After numerous years of hard work, several falls from rooftops, and a car wreck in 2003, suddenly Frank found himself unable to work or enjoy the outdoor activities he was so passionate about. He visited a doctor in Arkansas that stated “If you look up with a paint brush in your hand… you could be paralyzed.” Sears’ pain continued to progress, and before long he was taking heavy painkillers to help alleviate the increasing neck and back pain, as well as severe headaches. Frank decided to see another doctor in his home state of Arkansas and was told that he needed immediate surgery, of which there was a sixty percent possibility that he would not be able to walk after the procedure.

After twenty-five years of pain, a friend recommended Sears to Spine Associates. Taking into consideration that Sears had tried non-surgical treatment for years without lasting relief, Dr. Francis discussed surgical options with him including a 360 spine fusion. After the surgery Frank stated, “The same day, the nurses had [him] up walking. The second day [he had] very little pain and the third day [he had] no back pain.”

Now at the age of sixty-four Frank Sears is back in the saddle and now continues his competitions in cowboy mounted shooting. “I am recommending to all of my friends to make the trip to Houston and see Dr. Richard Francis. What a lifesaver he has been for me,” he said. Frank Sears’ experience with Spine Associates has him back to normal.


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