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Patient Spotlight on Adam Luther


Artificial Disc Replacement


City of Victoria Texas Firefighter Adam Luther who had suffered from intense and debilitating back pain for years finally finds the cure from Houston Spine Surgeon Dr. Richard Francis. Despite many prior treatments, Mr. Luther was barely able to move, but after disc replacement surgery is back to work with no restrictions thanks to Dr. Francis.

I am a Firefighter/Paramedic for the City of Victoria.  I started having severe back problems in 2011/12. I suffered from pain in my lower back L5/S1 area that shot down my leg causing pain and sometimes numbness. Often times this pain was unbearable and completely debilitating. Every move I made was deliberate and intentional. I thought before a walked, stood or bent down to pick something up. I couldn’t play softball, golf or do cross-fit, no jogging and no lifting weights as this would cause excruciating pain. I was turning into a couch potato.  

I heard about Spine Associates through a co-worker whom had a family member treated by Dr. Francis. Prior to the disk replacement I had several epidurals, intramuscular analgesic injections, pain medication prescriptions as well as attending several physical therapists for treatment. All of which would only mask the symptoms.  It was only a matter of time before I was back with the same issues.  My recovery was fast! The hospital stay was for one night where my care surpassed all my expectations. My pain was minimal and I was released to go home with only a simple small bandage.  

Satisfied is not the right word. I am ecstatic with the care I received from Dr. Francis and the folks at Spine Associates. I literally feel 10 years younger. Within 6 weeks I was back to work with no restrictions. I can pick up my 18-month-old daughter out of her crib and play with her like her father should be able to. I am also playing softball, golf and exercising for fun again. I thought at the end of my rope and had all but given into the idea that back pain was a part of my life. I thought I would never be as active as I once was, more over I thought my career was in jeopardy because I could no longer pass the strenuous physical fitness requirements.

I consulted with another spine specialist for a second opinion and he had recommended a multi-level spinal fusion for several disks to alleviate my back pain. Dr. Francis recommended an artificial disk replacement.  Needless to say, I went with Dr. Francis and Spine Associates.  They have given me my freedom and livelihood back. I cannot recommend Spine Associates enough for people suffering from back pain, do yourself a favor and get your back issues taken care of correctly, the first time.”

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