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Prodisc-L Lumbar Disc Replacement

ProDisc-L is a Total Disc Replacement (TDR) technology platform that offers a surgical alternative to spinal fusion. Qualified patients generally suffer from a single level degenerated disc in the lower (lumbar) spine. ProDisc implants are intended to relieve pain while allowing the potential for motion at the diseased spinal segment.

Dr. Richard Francis is a leader in the field of spine surgery, pioneering treatments related to artificial disc implants, robotic assisted spine procedures and conducting research that leads to better treatments for our patients. He was one of the first surgeons in the nation asked to perform the artificial disc replacement. We offer cutting-edge treatments and the latest technology to ensure that you receive the best possible results. To find out if you are a candidate for lumbar artificial disc replacement, request a consultation in Houston or Beaumont. Or you can call us at 1-713-383-7100 to schedule your appointment.



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ADVANTAGES of Lumbar disc replacement

Lumbar disc replacement relieves pressure on the spinal nerves or spinal cord caused by a herniated lumbar disc or degenerative disc disease (DDD) of the back. The goal of this procedure is to alleviate leg and back pain. At Spine Associates, total disc replacement surgery is an alternative to a spinal fusion. Advantages of disc replacement over fusion include:

  • Preserved motion in the back
  • Reduced pain
  • Decreased degeneration of adjacent discs
  • Limited disability
  • Earlier return to work

How it Works

Mobile Core

ProDisc-L is designed to replicate the natural motion of the lumbar. The ProDisc-L intervertebral disc prosthesis consists of two cobalt chromium molybdenum plates which are sprayed with a titanium coating to enable the bone to grow onto the prosthesis. A plastic core (polyethylene) located between the plates guarantees the mobility in the segment (ball joint principle). All of these materials are clinically proven to be tolerated very well by the body. This design prevents overloading of the neighboring intervertebral discs, as can occur after traditional spinal fusion. Different sizes of the individual components are available to the surgeon, so that he can assemble the correct size of prosthesis that fits best with your anatomy.


Patient Resources

ProDisc-L Patient Guide



It makes sense to seek multiple opinions from specialists when you’re considering a possible spinal operation. Almost all of our patients do exactly that, and in the end, they come to us. There are multiple reasons why, but it is largely about trust. Our reputation has been built upon patient successes and real results, repeated many times over many years. We invite you to read the success stories from our patients to learn about our approach and their outcomes firsthand.

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